Hey Zengarmy, 

Bitch I'm back, by popular demand!

I don't know why or how, but my blog is kinda blowing up right now??

My last movie review of Beauty and the Beast got 5.5k views and I
have NO IDEA HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN?? I guess it serves
to prove that bloggers who truly speak their mind will gain more
recognition (sooner or later) compared to those sweet-talking
marshmallow bloggers who pretended everything is wonderful
and made in heaven. Seriously, I already feel nauseous just by
imagining those fakers. I used to be unsure about the branding
of this blog or which direction it's going to take itself to, but
right now, I'm 9/10 sure "brutal honesty" will forever be the
face of this blog — and I'm not complaining about it huhuhu!

Anyway, let's get right into the review!

If you've read both of my previous reviews on Batman V Superman & Suicide Squad,
you might already have an inkling on how not-a-fan I am to DC's comeback against its
ultimate enemy, Marvel. Even though those movies were okay, I feel like DC is trying
way too hard to impress the audience without perfecting the plot of the story. Do
you still remember the reason why Batman and Superman stopped fighting against
each other? (hint hint: it's because both of their moms have the same name) Like,
I mean, this is beyond stupidity for me lah. I was super unimpressed by Batman V
Superman, to be honest. Suicide Squad was better than Batman V Superman, but
the way the movie is shown feels like a YouTube video to me — again, I was rather
unimpressed with the format of the movie. I cannot even bear to re-watch those.

Having that in my mind, I've put in ZERO (OR NEGATIVE 100) EXPECTATIONS into
Wonder Woman this time, and surprisingly I ended up REALLY LIKING this movie!
I guess a pro tip here before watching any movies is to have zero expectations
towards the movie before watching it (haha). I really like the flow of the movie
and the pace of the the plot. This movie is more like an origin movie, which is
very interesting to watch because tbh I gave zero fucks about Wonder Woman
when I was a kid watching the Justice League cartoon on Cartoon Network, &
now it's reasonably the time for me to know her past. As a kid, I was always
more into the X-Men mutants (Mystique, Jean Grey & Storm are my favs!)
because let's be honest: having merely the ability of superhuman strength

I hope Wonder Woman doesn't take
this too personally. Hahahahahaha!

▲ for some reason her face expressions reminded me of Harley Quinn (lol).

But, I don't know if it's because of the magic of Gal Gadot (who played Wonder Woman)
or the realistic portrayal of her as a vulnerable female superhero (good job DC, finally),
this movie made me sit down in my seat for a straight 2 hours 21 minutes and fall in love
with this iconic heroine, all over again. I love how the director didn't spend too much
time expanding on irrelevant details (unlike in Batman V Superman, DON'T EVEN get
me started on that). In my opinion, all of the important details that deserve the light
have been addressed, and they really added to the depth of the character of Wonder
Woman! After watching the movie, I realized that Wonder Woman symbolizes SO MUCH
MORE than just a superhero — she symbolizes power, compassion, and female movement.
She is such an important character to be existing (especially at this point of time), as a
a symbol of empowerment that reminds women that they are not necessary always the
weak ones that needed to be saved by others. They, too, can decide their own destiny.

[ 9 out of 10 for Wonder Woman! ]

( hey you, stop right here if you hate movie spoilers, yes, get out. )

Okay. I hope all that's left now are the ones who don't mind movie spoilers because
all the teas are about to be spilled and splashed! First of all, the casting of this movie
is 10/10 golden. I love love love all the characters in the story, as none of them are
"fillers" (you know how in some movies there were characters that you know were just
there to make the movie longer? yeah that). Apart from Chris Pine (who played Steve
Trevor) & Gal Gadot, Lucy Davis (who played Etta) is my absolute favorite highlight of
the show! I love how she made the movie light-hearted without being too intentional.

After Steve Trevor died in the end (how could they let such a beautiful man die?!),
her presence surprisingly contributed to my sadness. I was initially okay-ish with
Steve Trevor's death but after seeing Etta mourning at his death, I totally lost it.
It's not a very particular scene but this small detail got my eyes wet for a good
15 minutes. She is such an amazing addition to the cast I love her so muchhh!!

Usually I will be SUPER PISSED when a superhero character acted stupid by
adamantly trying to "save the world" without being rational, but even though
Diana (aka Wonder Woman) acted so, I was surprisingly not mad with her at all.
Instead, I was touched by her ignorant ambition of trying to save the mankind.
I really like the overall message that this movie is trying to bring out: we have
all the dark sides of humanity, but we are also more than that — love & empathy.
(particularly during the scene when Steve sacrificed himself in the explosion)
My favorite scene is when Diana remembered what Steve told her before he
eventually flew the plane into self-explosion: "I really have to go. I wish we
have more time. I love you." 😭😭😭 When Steve handed her the watch that
symbolizes "time" (he told her that at the "naked bathing" scene), I started
tearing up. I really really really really love this scene, for some reason.

If it wasn't because of my assignments and finals revision, I would totally watch this
for a second time (btw the new Spiderman movie should be up next week if I'm not
mistaken so FUCK MY LIFE). If you're not a fan of superhero movies, I would suggest
you to still check this movie out because the love story in this movie is pretty heart
-wrenching 💔 (for a few scenes I thought I was watching some k-drama because it
was THAT romantic & sad to me). All in all, this movie is defo Zeng-approved (lol)!

(ps: thanks to those of you who still decide to keep up with my blog despite
the inconsistent/sporadic updates here and there! I'm in the in the midst of
preparing for my finals this year () and my 3rd year thesis for next year —
I'm graduating from university soon, I can't believe how time flies! I really
appreciate those who've stayed around for such a long time, you know who
you are! As for those who unfollowed, I just want you to know: FUCK YOU.)

#SorryNotSorry 😊


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