Hey Zengarmy,

I've decided, 2017 shall be the year of experimenting for me hahaha
— particularly, with more arts! Growing up as a kid, I have a VERY deep
in-born affection with all things art-related (not Laws or Economics tho,
I'm sorry but NO THANKS), which is like, totally unusual compared to the
typical Asian stereotypes of Gods-of-Science-and-Mathematics, hahaha!

PS : I hate maths.

Having said that, because of my upbringing of being constantly nagged
about how choosing Art stream will be a disgrace to the family, I was
deprived quite a lot of early exposure to art-related education, such
as professional drawing class or singing class or whatever (my school
did provide art classes, but at that time of that age, I was already
brainwashed that Science stream is better, poor me) — which, all
of these factors lead me to choosing Psychology as my major in
university (you can read more about that in THIS BLOG POST).

But anyways, back to the point, in 2017 I decided to post more
art-related content on this blog (which I hope you're excited
about!) and what better way to start things off with a good
old moodboard post? Eeeeekkkkkkk!!! For those of you who
are not so sure about what "moodboard" is, it's essentially
an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, and
etcetera to evoke or project a particular style or concept.
You can get outfit and design inspiration from moodboards!

Totally just ripped that definition off from Google tho, don't mind me.

In this post, I'm going to create an aesthetic all about Valentine's Day!
Most of the pictures are taken from the Internet, but some of them are
taken by yours truly. You can follow me on my Instagram if you're into
these kind of aesthetics because I post a lot of similar stuffs on there!
Now obviously I'm single-and-miserable-AF so don't expect super kawaii
moodboard from me haha! For my Valentine aesthetic I'm going to include
tonnes of textures, grunge and edginess (because I'm a weird ass bitch) &
I do hope that if you're a lover of aesthetics you can get some inspiration
from this post! — and if you're not, just enjoy scrolling through these edits
that I spent HOURS edited ;P (I suggest you to open the video below and
listen to the music while scrolling through this moodboard, it adds to the
mood! This song by Haley Blais is legit one of my current favorite songs!)

P H O T O   S O U R C E

( I basically used a lot of beautiful images from many Tumblr artists, 
but I forgot where I got the photos from, so if your photos are used
in this post without credits, do let me know in the comments below
so that I can add a link to your Tumblr profile as a gesture of credit! )


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