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"Tale as old as time, true as it can be."

Okay that meme that I made got me laughed a little bit too much hahahaha!
( search "Trisha Paytas" on YouTube to see more of her! I adore her channel! )
I believe all Malaysians can relate to this meme very well, due to the previous
saga. I never really understood what's all the kerfuffle about, like, SERIOUSLY?
version of the movie just premiered in Malaysia today (yay) because somebody
FINALLY made sense of the entire situation, huh? #noteanoshade #roasting

First of all, sorry for posting 2 movie reviews in a row. Wait, actually I'm not.
I know, 2 movie reviews in a row is probably too much, but do I look like I give
a damn fuck? NO, HAHAHAHAHA. This movie has LONG BEEN RELEASED in most
of the other countries except from Malaysia, so I don't think this post will get
as many views as my other reviews but I'm doing it anyways because why not?

Okayyy, am I the only one who think
Beast is lowkey cute? Like, come on!
Look at that face in the last picture!

So, I watched this movie today and actually had a mixed feeling about it.
I'm going to be totally honest & straight to the point here, but I don't think
Emma Watson is the perfect candidate as Belle (don't be mad and please
hear me out first). I chatted about this with one of my friends over the
dinner table and we both agreed that the moment Emma Watson opened
her mouth and sang her first line, SOMETHING IS MISSING IN HER VOICE!
Not that I'm in any position to judge her (I'm painfully mediocre) but her
singing voice is not vibrant enough to sustain my attention. I mean, NO
QUESTIONING to her acting ability or beautiful face (I'm a fan since her
Hermione era), but her singing voice is a little bit too sweet & demure
(aka "flat") to stand out in musical scenes. The first musical scene with
the song titled "Belle" is the one that got me into this "what-the-fuck-is
-this-even-real" shocking mood. Not that Emma Watson sounded bad,
but her part is just painfully flat. I'd be lying if I said I'm excited to
hear her part in the musical scene. I found this video from YouTube
that cuts all the musical scenes in the movie in one. The song "Belle"
starts at 0:53. Try listening to her voice and tell me if I'm wrong haha!

Okay this thumbnail made me love Beast even more wtf. Good choice Belle!
Emma's vocal part is literally the ONLY thing in the movie that got me slightly
iffy, the rest of the elements in the movie are seriously FLAWLESS to me. The
cinematography of this movie is captivating, one of the first scene that BLEW
MY MIND AWAY is the one where Belle was in the dining hall with the "things".

( INSERT MOVIE STILLS IN 3... 2... 1... )

Okay I don't really know how to call these things so I'll just call them
"The Things" HAHAHAHAHAH. They are undoubtedly one of the biggest
highlights of the movie. I wish we have magic to transform candles &
kitchen utensils into living creatures! This musical scene is legit one of
my favorite scenes in the movie. The aesthetic and color coordination
is F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S. I don't think I even blinked my eyes once during this
entire scene! It was fun (and vocally intriguing) & I just never want this
scene to end hahaha! (but it HAS TO or else Belle is not going to be able
to eat her food in the end if these things won't shut the fuck up hahah!)

All of the cast truly delivered a splendid performance, even though I secretly
wished Lilly Collins would be starred as Belle (but I ain't complaining tho cause
Emma Watson is also a bae hahah!). Luke Evans (starred as Gaston) is undeniably
one of the best supporting roles in the movie as well. Also, how can we forget about
Dan Stevens (starred as Beast) ??? Funny enough, I actually HATED his long hair in the
end of the movie. Like 7/10 hated it, haha. I actually think his character in the non-
human form is SO MUCH ADORABLE! But all is well, because my favorite feature on
him is HIS EYES. I need a map to escape from his gaze, somebody send help, ASAP!!!

Okay. Now moving on to the MOSSTT
controversial part the "gay" scene!

When I first heard that Beauty And The Beast is going to be banned in Malaysia
because of "The Gay Scene"I thought that okay maybe it's because the scene is
like REALLY HARAM (= dishonorable) that's why it's banned. BUT when I watched

It's not like any gay sex scene is shown??!!
Like, these people need to take a chill pill!

Of course, the director admitted that the gay element was inserted intentionally
(later in the movie, there are also scenes that showed 2 men — Lefou & another
anonymous guy dancing as couple — as well as a scene of a guy cross-dressing
as a woman and feeling good about it) as a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community.
I swear, people nowadays get easily butthurt over the SMALLEST things ever.
It's not like penetration is involved in the scenes? What is the fuss about it?

You DO NOT want to know how much fun I've had while searching these pictures!
I can go on and on but my eyes are starting to hurt out of staring too long at the
screen, so I think we're good to go. Also, I'm quite hungry now to type anymore.

All in all, 8.5 out of 10 roses
for Beauty And The Beast !!!
( not much of a big fan of Emma & Dan's musical scenes )

Hope you enjoyed reading this super casual movie review

(I tried to make them as entertaining & unprofessional as

( PS: I guarantee it will not be another movie review )


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