Hey Zengarmy,

Okay let's be honest :
You need to see a doctor if you're not excited mwahahaha.
(Just kidding LOL)

Frankly speaking,
I wasn't really a "Swiftie" before the album "RED".
Taylor Swift, to me, is a great singer, no doubt.
But I wasn't really that fanatic about her.
(No offense, I do love her country music, just not obsessed with it.)

Funnily enough,
I actually love her present country-pop hybrid style,
more than her old country style.
Quite a number of people around me has been telling me,
that they missed the old Taylor Swift.
But that was certainly not the case for me, mwahaha.

Personally, I do think that stepping into pop music,
was one of the best decisions Taylor has ever made in her life.
"RED" was the album that indicated the beginning of Taylor's pop era,
and Taylor has been one of the biggest inspiration to me since then.

" You've changed ! " -

most people don't realize that : 
literally every experience and person you meet changes you, 
and growth is good and inevitable.
Don't be scared of change. 
Only if you truly want a different outcome, change must take it's course. 
Have the hunger to learn and experience new things, good and bad. 
Cast your fears aside and take a leap of faith to nurture your personal growth...
this is how we gain wisdom ♥

Okay let's not go too far haha.

Back to 《1989》,
Not only the songs, but the whole concept, effort & idea behind this album.
I would actually give this album an 8 marks out of 10 marks !

One thing I love about Taylor,
is that she's always full of surprises.
Before the release of 《1989》,
she held a secret gathering, so-called "1989 Secret Session",
which she invited 89 of her biggest fans to her houses,
( 89 each at London, LA, New York, Nashville )
to listen to her full album before it is released.


How creative was that !!!
That explains why Taylor Swift is worldwide successful.
She loves her fans & doesn't take them for granted.

《1989》represents the year in which Taylor was born,
and a lot of polaroid designs are used in the making of this album.
Taylor explains that this is because polaroid is tangible,
they can be put in your pockets, yet you might lose them easily,
this somehow reflects the metaphor of LOVE.
(How creative was Taylor, I'm very impressed !!!)

Let's move on to the most important part of an album :

" T R A C K S. "

The tracks in this album are more towards contemporary pop music,
with a drum-and-bass-like-intensity.
What's so different ? Plenty.
Sonically, 《1989》is far more electronic than Taylor's previous work,
and apparently far more catchier than her old country style.
Once again, I'm not saying that her country style is boring,
I'm just so into her pop music right now! hehehehe.

She got a mixture of Katy Perry & Charli XCX's characters in this album,
which sounds really refreshing & youthful!

The tracks are listed in order as below :

▶ Welcome To New York
▶ Blank Space
▶ Style
▶ Out Of The woods
▶ All You Had to Do Was Stay
▶ Shake It Off
▶ I Wish You Would
▶ Bad Blood
▶ Wildest Dreams
▶ How You Get The Girl
▶ This Love
▶ I Know Places
▶ Clean
▶ Wonderland
▶ You Are In Love
▶ New Romantics
▶ I Know Places (Voice Memos)
▶ I Wish You Would (Voice Memos)
▶ Blank Space (Voice Memos)

The highlighted tracks are my personal favorites :)
Definitely recommend these songs,
even if you're not buying the whole album,
at least download these songs from iTunes or wherever you like.

Some of you might be wondering what "Voice Memos" is.
(Well ... at least I don't know what it is at first hahaha)
Voice memos are basically an iPhone sound recorder app,
and Taylor uses this app to record her new ideas.
In her album 《1989》 she talks about how she came up with her lyrics & rhythm.
I admire her so much right now after listening to her whole album!

Last but not least,
Let's take a moment to appreciate how cute this cat is OMG !!!
( I know I'm not the only one who's obsessed with Olivia & Meredith )

M E O W !

Stay fierce & Good luck :)

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