Hey Zengarmy,

After literally 156960163 billion pounds of obstacles (not exaggerating),
I finally managed to sit down & write this post! Music Mondayz has been
one of the series on my blog that tends to be interrupted repeatedly by
mundane reasons, including my in-born laziness (lol). For those of you
who haven't read my previous post yet (you might want to read it, it's
pretty good), I went through some personal hard times for the past few
weeks and was basically disconnected from the online world, let alone
finding the time to listen to newly released music and write a round-up
post for them. I'm usually that person who's very updated with new songs
(especially Western pop music), but for this time around, I've accumulated
around 28 songs worth recommending since last month! So, in this and the
upcoming issues, I'm just going to forget about the 5-songs-per-issue rules
and put in HOWEVER MANY songs that I wanted to recommend, hahahaha!

To make it easier for you guys, I have divided all of the songs into different
categories according to their respective genres! So, let the exploring begin!

[ radio songs that made me danced ]

[ sassy songs that made me... sassy ]

[ songs that made me smiled ]

[ songs that uhm... made me cried ]

Okay. I apologize to those non-K-lover people who reads my blog hahah
(almost half of the songs are Korean songs)! I've recently (actually, one
month ago) watched the overly promoted and hottest K-drama Goblin
and on top of everything, I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THE. SOUNDTRACK!
If you've read my Train To Busan movie review then you'll know that
I'm a HUGE fan of Gong Yoo, and guess what — he's the male lead of
the K-drama! — which is the ONLY REASON I watched the K-drama,
hahahahhaha! I do think that it was slightly overrated, but if you
have nothing else to do or too much time on your hand, you can
give it a go! (pro tip: I only started falling in love in Episode 9)



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