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*Just a quick heads up, this post contains spoiler!*

If you can't tell it yet, I did a terrible photoshopping job with the font "R" in the
word "REVIEW" hahahahahahah (did that fuck your inner OCD up?). It's currently
1:03 a.m. in the morning of 6 March & I'm still fully awake because I've watched
this movie this afternoon AND CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY MIND! I wasn't expecting
that, at all. This post will probably go up on my blog a few days later, as I have
a pre-scheduled post going up tonight & I don't want to publish 2 posts in a row
to clog my readers' feed (I still have some blogging ethics in me haha!), but at
the same time, I wondered if anybody would still be interested to read this post
by the time I published it? — If you're currently reading this, you have the answer!

Okay I know. When I first saw this trailer I was like:
To be honest the trailer was dry AF.

Sadly, the only part in the trailer that catches my attention is the
mutant girl that looks like Eleven from Stranger Things hahahaha!

I'm like 80% sure that when the Logan team came up with the character of
Laura The Heir of Wolverine, they have Eleven from Stranger Things in their
mind — because let's be real here, who doesn't love Eleven after watching the
show? Not me! Turns out, after watching the movie, I can hereby conclude that
the similarity between Laura and Eleven (in terms of background) is a solid 80%!

Anyways, back to the review before I go off tangent.

I am a fan of Marvel, a fan of X-Men, but oddly, not a fan of Wolverine —
or should we say, Logan. I don't know, something about his abilities just
doesn't arouse my interest at all. I mean, when I was a kid I would think
how boring his life would be if he couldn't fly like Storm or read minds
like Jean Grey or shape-shift like Mystique? (I'm a bit of a pro-feminist
when it comes to mutant preference in X-Men heheh). Even after I grew
up I'm still not that intrigued by this character — to me he's just a very
STUBBORN person who has 6 claws, super-healing ability, & a broken heart.

Wolverine fans might want to kill me now so I better stop it right here.

That's my impression towards Logan based on the movies (I didn't read the comics).
Nothing really special about him. He's one of the characters that I could pay little
attention to & still enjoyed the X-Men movies, hahah! BUT THIS MOVIE. This movie
fucked me up and made me fall in love with this character I've never cared about.
I was truly TOUCHED by the emotions portrayed in this film! Bravo to the director!

[ 8/10 for Logan! ]

Logan is a movie that successfully portrayed the realistic facet
of the X-Men universe, from the point of view of vulnerability.

I entered the cinema with zero expectation of this movie and came out of the
cinema with a fully provoked mind. I can see the ambition of the Logan team of
trying to Oscarize (meaning: making the movie Oscar-worthy) this superhero film
that could have been done otherwise in an extremely flattering, usual-Hollywood
style that showcases tonnes of battle scenes & CGIs. I'm usually not a big fan of
action/superhero movies that were overly attempted to be Oscarized (for eg:
Skyfall is one of my all-time-least-favorite movie, I usually put that movie on
as a lullaby to make me fall asleep hahah!), but Logan is surprisingly pleasant
to me. Throughout the entire movie, I was constantly hit by the nostalgia that
the original casts of the X-Men series that I've watched since I was a kid is
growing old with us, together. I saw a comment online that described some
of the super-realistic, touching scenes of this movie very well. Here's that:

The reason all the other X-Men are dead is because Professor X killed them.
(you'll know this if you've noticed the radio news report that mentioned about
the case that "7 mutants were killed in Weschester" — where the school at.)
Logan survived because of his super-healing abilities, but was left with the
responsibilities of taking care of the senile Professor X, as well as the grief
of losing 7 of his best friends (I assume those include Jean Grey, Storm, etc.)

When Professor X had his first seizure at the school, nobody knew how to treat it.
This explains why he says "he doesn't deserve the bed and the nice dinner", and
also why he wanted the boat (The Sunseeker) so badly. If they were in the middle
of the ocean, he couldn't hurt anyone when he had his seizures. At the same time,
Logan also made the decision of shooting himself with the bullet and sink the boat
when Professor X dies, so that no one can use their DNA to replicate evil mutants.

When Logan says "so this is what it feels like..." when he's on the verge of dying,
there are 3 things he could be talking about: (1) he is finally a father, (2) he now
knows what it feels like to die, & (3) he finally knows what it feels like to be the one
that gets killed. He finally doesn't have to find a way to live with himself, knowing
that all of his friends, family members, and even loved ones are now dead.
He finally feels what it's like to just rest.

Lastly, and possibly the saddest thing I found was that Yukio, the mutant who can
predict people's death, predicted Logan's death. She said he will be on his back,
blood everywhere, holding his heart in his hand. And in the movie, he was indeed
on his back, blood everywhere, and his daughter's hand on his — which means that
his daughter is as precious as his heart.


This is ME after reading the comment:

There'll be a lot of other heart-wrenching scenes that kept creeping up on you
& coming back to you like relentless zombies after you've finished watching
the movie — only & ONLY if you've paid attention to the details in the movie.
I love movies like these! Movies that are made of small little emotion waves
that can later accumulate into a huge one, leaving you trapped in the limbo of
emotions. Will I say that this movie is the perfect demonstration of that? NO.
This movie is definitely not there yet, but it's decent enough to demonstrate
that. The beginning and the middle parts are quite bland to my movie taste,

Hugh Jackman posted this post on his official Facebook page, and I fully died.
How can one possibly not cry at the sight of this picture after watching the film?

And also, there are some movie quotes that I had to share because
I'm just so in love with the wisdom behind these words arghhhhhhh:

Nature made me a freak.
Man made me a weapon.
And God made it last too long.

Charles Xavier:
This is what life looks like:
people love each other.
You should take a moment...

Logan: [his last words]
So, this is what it feels like.

Charles Xavier: [last words] Our boat... the Sunseeker.

Charles Xavier:
This has been the most perfect sleep I've had in years...
and I don't deserve it, do I?

Logan: [to Laura] Don't be what they've made you.

There's no living with a killing.
There's no going back from it.
Right or wrong, it's a brand, a brand that sticks.
There's no going back.
Now, you run on home to your mother and tell her,
tell her everything's alright,
and there aren't any more guns in the valley.

▲ Do you NOT feel sad that his character is growing old & died in the end? :'(

The final scene of the movie was truly magnificent, in my personal opinion.
If you've noticed, Laura changed the ✞ sign to an ✖, symbolizing the final
tribute to the LAST X-Men alive on Earth — and the beginning of a new
chapter — as Laura and her friends are also mutants. There's definitely
some indication in the movie that a possible sequel is in the making,
particularly at (1) the scene when Caliban (the mutant tracker) was
dead and the crazy doctor told the henchmen to "keep his tissues,
he has a very high IQ" and (2) the scene when Laura and her friends
were on the run, and basically left a lot of things unexplained.

Funny thing is: I stayed until the very end of the movie, and guess what?


I was like: WTF Marvel you don't cbbbbbbbbb!!! hahaha!!

Have any of you watched the movie?
(I'm sure plenty of you already did why am I even asking)
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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