Hey Zengarmy,

Last week was what I called a "re-construction" week.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have 2 exams
each on the 26th of February & 1st of March, which makes it
pretty obvious that I had to be focused on my revision rather
than updating this blog once every 2 or 3 days like I used to.

FYI, this blog post is supposed to go up on this blog last week,
but I was pretty glad that I stuck firmly to my original plan of
not doing so. It was liberating. Having no blog post schedules
allowed me to take a breather from all of the invisible pressure
that I've been putting on my shoulder all this while, on this blog.

Alongside with my revision, I did a lot of re-construction on this blog.
I changed my blog's layout to a blue/pink theme inspired by Troye Sivan.
I updated my "About" page, my "Contact" page, and also my "FAQ" page.
I basically did all of the things that I couldn't get to do if I stick to my
usual "post-once-every-2-or-3-days" blogging schedule, and I feel GREAT!

Okay back to the topic today. Are dislike buttons really necessary?

If you didn't know, (you probably should have known by now!)
Facebook updated its old "liking system" to a new "rating system",
where you get to rate a person's post with different emojis if you
hover your mouse (on PC) or your finger (on mobile devices) long
enough on the like button. I was at a cafe chilling with my friends
when one of my girl friends showed me the new FB rating function.

"It's updated!" She showed me her phone excitedly.
My initial response was to ask whether a dislike button appears,
and luckily there was none. There were only 5 other new buttons.

I saw this picture on Facebook the other day from a page
and I was utterly shocked by the fact that people demand
a dislike button. LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ?????????????

If Facebook EVER invented a
dislike button, I swear to God
I would quit Facebook faster
than a bullet out of a gun.

Even on Youtube I don't really understand the point of dislike button.
I know the dislike button is to moderate certain content so that when
people clicked on a video that contains a lot of dislikes, they know
that the particular video is socially/morally unacceptable by public.
However, from my point of view, if I don't like a video, I simply don't
watch it. Why waste time disliking when all you could do is to block?
If I don't like a video, I don't watch it again. If I don't like the content
from a specific notorious creator, I block them. And if I don't like a
post or status update or picture on Facebook, I fucking ignore it.

Ignoring a person that you dislike,
rather than pressing a "dislike" button,
is the most powerful & graceful thing
you could ever do, like a fucking swan.

When you saw an annoying Facebook post and you ignore it,

along with millions of other users, you're doing a good job by
preventing others from seeing the annoying post. Why? Because
when a post gets no likes & no comments whatsoever, it will be
forgotten very easily, like the carton of milk in your refrigerator.

On the other hand, if a dislike button is invented on Facebook,
you bet people would use it every time they saw an annoying post.
And guess what? By disliking something, you're giving it attention.
The attention that it shouldn't be getting in the first place
if everybody chose to scroll through that piece of rubbish.

You can NEVER imagine how powerful the influence of that dislike button
could be to somebody whose post has been disliked. When you pressed that
dislike button on a person's picture or post, you might think that it's just a joke.
Yeah. YOU MIGHT THINK. But what about the person whose post has been disliked?
Is it your intention to make them feel like failure? If not, stop leaving hate comments.
(I wanted to write "stop pressing that dislike button" but then I realize it's not on FB)

And if yes, FUCK YOU AND YOUR SCREWED UP MIND. Yes. Fuck you.
Making other people feel like failure is the most cruel thing you can do.
If you're reading this and you think hating on the internet is a cool thing
to do, I want you to stop for a few seconds and rethink your life's purpose.
It doesn't make any difference between telling somebody they're ugly online
and telling somebody they're ugly face-to-face in real life. It hurts the same.
Think about it. If dislike buttons could disappear from this world, I wish it could.


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