Hey Zengarmy,

Do you think there's such a thing as perfect day?
When nothing terrible or sad or ordinary happens.
Do you think it's possible? Have you ever had one? No?
I've never had one either, but yesterday was my closest day to perfection,
even though yesterday was actually the day of me getting my A-Level results
& I have to admit that I was on the brink of having an anxiety attack the night before.
But I didn't. I'm glad that I didn't. It feels like I'm able to have a say on my mind again.

Even when I saw my grades on the computer screen,
I feel extraordinarily calm. It feels magical.
All I was thinking in my mind is : I've finally made it till today!
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I got a super good result tho.
If you're reading so far just wanting to know what grades I got, then please f*ck off.
If I want to blow my own trumpet I would have done it earlier, thanks.

I'm just awash in the gratitude that I finally made it to where I am today.
And it all boils down to being grateful of what I already have & STOP COMPARING.
I'm grateful that my results meet the entry requirement of my course.
I'm grateful that I finished A-Level instead of dropping it halfway.
I'm grateful that I can finally stop worrying about getting nowhere.
I'm grateful of so many things yesterday. It's rare for me to feel this way.
I finally realize that gratitude contributes to happiness more than anything else could.

That's why I hate people who always like to ask people's grades for comparism.
I was once this kind of person, but the more I compare the more trapped I felt.
Thus, I decided to abide to the Rule of Shutting Up for therapeutic reason,
because after being asked by 3 million people about my grades, I feel disgusted.
Ask me again and I will puke in front of your face!

I realize how happy I became when I stopped comparing myself with other people.
When I see somebody getting good results, I congratulate them,
instead of asking them what grades they got, with a notebook in my hand jotting down.
That doesn't help in building happiness in the long run. Comparism exhausts you.
Maybe you feel satisfied by being a busybody, but to me you're just sick in the head.

I'm not even gonna apologize for saying that. Haha.

Okay, back to discussing something more light-hearted.
Remember when I said yesterday was my closest day to perfection?
Well, it's not solely because of me getting my A-Level results,
I was told by my friend that the first song of my own is finish edited!
And guess what? You got it right. The name of the song is Somewhere Over The Rainbow!
Alright, you probably can't get what I mean, so let me just quickly fill you in hahaha.
Basically, I helped my friend who studies in audio engineering to record a song!
Yes, in a studio! I was in awe when I first got into the studio!

but ain't nobody got time to look good in studio hahahahaha

It's crazy that I got a chance once in my lifetime to step into a studio!
I just feel so lucky and blessed to be having the chance to record a song.
Actually we're planning to record more songs in the studio
for "future usage" (aka my YouTube channel) mwahahaha.
But we'll see how it goes first. LOL.

"Life is good. And that's the way it should be."
- Bright, Echosmith

See you in my next one, Zengarmy.

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