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▲ Caption Of The Day = Camila Who? Camila Who? Camila Who? Camila WHO?

I've been wanting to properly SIT DOWN & write this fucking blog post since last Friday

but so many things just came throwing at me like a bunch of random meteorites hitting
at a spaceship (a weird analogy, but I'll take it) — assignments, proposals, posters, and
pop quizzes — you'll know what I mean when you're at the last semester of your second
year of university. Things are just getting a little bit crazy right now, so do bear in mind
that if you noticed the lack of update on this blog, it's probably due to the fact that I'm
working my ass off on my assignments or revisions, or I might be busy living my life IRL.
I don't know. I've been trying to cut down the time I spend on social media recently and
it's oddly therapeutic for me. I will share more about my reflection on that subject soon
on this blog so if you look forward to more wisdom talk from me, definitely stay tuned!

So, ya. During last Friday, I had the chance to go to the Fifth Harmony 7/27 concert &
see them perform LIVE! It just feels so weird to me as I can still remember watching
them competing on the X-Factor stage and being thrown shades by Demi Lovato that
the group is like "Camila and her backup dancers" instead of "Fifth Harmony" hahaha
but here they are now, being one of the biggest girl group in the entire world!

And then, the Camila drama happened.
(which, made me disliked her a little bit, but that's not the point of this post.)

With the exit of Camila Cabello from the group, the whole world's attention seemed
to be revolving around the fate of the group. Will they crumble into pieces? OR will
they rise above the mess that's left by the main vocal's exit? (main vocal = Camila,
if you're confused). I personally am quite interested to know what's going to happen
to the group's live performances — now that the lead singer is gone  which is why
when I heard the news that Fifth Harmony (now Fourth Harmony? lol) is coming to
Malaysia for their 7/27 world tour, I immediately asked my friend Kelson to join me
in this investigation (lol). How will the girls alter the old original songs to fit in with
their vocal range? Is Fifth Harmony FINALLY going to be in unity instead of everyone
trying to steal the limelight? Who is taking over Camila's part now that she's gone?

I. am. dying. to. know. all. the. answers!

Knowing that Fifth Harmony has one of the largest & most loyal worldwide fanbase
in the pop atmosphere, we went 4 HOURS EARLIER BEFORE THE OPENING OF THE
CONCERT & found ourselves already queuing up behind a long line of people — who
are like, super duper Harmonizers (fandom name for Fifth Harmony's fans), and me
& Kelson were just 2 fake fans who only know a handful of songs from the group, lol.
We managed to blend into the Harmonizers pretty well by singing a few songs of Fifth
Harmony while we were in the queue. We've also met some of the sweetest (literally)
& friendliest people while waiting in the line. However, here are a few tips that I think
might be useful to those of you who haven't had a lot of experience of going to concerts:

#1. Don't go to concerts alone, just don't.

Bringing at least one friend with you to a concert will be a wise decision, trust me.
A lot of the times you might have to go to toilet, & who's going to take care of your
queuing spot that you've been standing/sitting in for the entire time? YOUR FRIEND.

#2. Stay hydrated. But don't bring mineral water bottles, because they're not allowed.

DRINK WATER! I cannot stress how important this is and I'm sure you know it.
However, concerts generally DO NOT ALLOW people to bring in mineral water
that is stored inside the plastic bottle (not exactly sure why, please Google it
and tell me in the comment section below, thanks!). However, being a nerdy
weirdo I am, I brought my own water tumbler to the venue and they actually
allowed me to bring it into the concert. Again, not sure if it's because I was
lucky or what — so please double confirm with the rules and regulations of
the concert you're going to. If you're a person who constantly feels the urge
to go to the toilet like me, try not to drink too much water at a go. I usually
drink only once from every 30 to 45 minutes, and up to 2 to 3 sips of water.

#3. Bring powerbank. If you can't live without scrolling your phone for a second.

I didn't have much problem with this because I can live without scrolling my phone.
But if you're one of those people who have to post a selfie every 5 minutes, consider
bringing a portable powerbank because the queuing session will be one of the MOST
time-consuming and monotonous period of your life. Or you can talk to your friend.

#3. Bring a paper (to be made into paper fans).

Depending on where do you live in, Malaysia happened to be a tropical country
that will make you uncomfortably sweating if you stand under the sun for too
long. Bringing a small electronic fan or a Chinese fan would be too much of a
hassle most of the time (you want to travel light) so a paper fan is definitely
an affordable (zero cost) & wise decision to make. Gotta keep yourself cool!

#4. Bring snacks (that is filling).

The last thing you want is a hungry, growling, and grumpy stomach that screams
at you for every 1 to 2 minutes in repetition. This is possibly the wisest wisdom
that I can impart to you from my experience. Take it. And thank me later, thanks.

▲ PS: This is not how the waiting line looks like, lol.

I wished this is what the waiting line looks like, but it's not (this is the actual concert).
I was actually TOO PISSED to take any shots during the waiting in line because it's just
too crowded and noisy to do anything other than sitting down doing nothing, hahaha!
IN MY WORLD. Sometimes I wished I can be a celebrity so that somebody will give
me some direct access to my seat. The overall experience is extremely horrible
and annoying as the management kept us waiting for an hour later than the
original door-opening time (we went in at around 8pm when the ticket says
"door opens at 7pm"). Malaysia timing is the most magical thing in the world!

I was actually a little bit shocked when I saw the setup of the stage:
It was terribly small, and shabby.

Yes. I hate to sound like a bitch, but the stage is one of the most terrible
and effortless setup I've ever witnessed in a concert so far! It looked like
they've only spent less than a night setting up the entire stage and decided
to call it a day. I definitely felt a bit "robbed" but it's still bearable because
the ticket wasn't too expensive or what (RM154 including all the taxes, it's
actually quite okay for me). The concert started around 20 minutes after
I went in, which is a bit annoying considering the fact that they've already
made us waited for an extra hour more than we expected. But whatever.
I've heard some people waited for more than 2 hours because the artist's
ego is bigger than their head so I guess I'm lucky to be the one who's only
waited for 20 minutes. On top of that, to my dismay, the sound system was
also a little bit too screechy to the ears. I basically wasn't very impressed.

I didn't get to take too many shots because I was also busy vlogging, instagramming
and snapchatting all at the same time (life of a blogger with many social media) &
OF THIS POST YOU'RE WELCOME* Lauren's and Dinah's vocals definitely wowed me
to the core of my brain. I noticed that they've kept most of their old songs to their
original rhythm, but Lauren and Dinah (and maybe Ally, lol, sometimes) took over
most of Camila's part flawlessly (in my opinion). I would say their live performance
sounded nothing too different from the album version, which is amazing (I always
knew they have the pipes anyway)! However, some songs (only a few) sounded like
they're lip-synched to me. Maybe it's because the backtrack of the song is too loud?
I don't know. For me, the BEST performance of the night is BO$$, no doubt! They've
also performed some of their ballads to neutralize all the edm (electronic dubstep
music) elements in their recent new songs. From time to time, they would actually
interact with the audience not as a group, but individually, so every member of the
group has their own moment to shine. I definitely think they're better off without
Camila hahahah! The whole concert lasted around 1 to 2 hours with a good amount
of songs ranging from their first album to the current album. Of course, as expected,
they ended the concert with the song that we all know how to sing — Work From Home.

Again, soz for the blurry shots. The lighting wasn't the best at concerts.


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