Hey Zengarmy,

Okay, so here's the truth : I'm having my quarter life crisis.

Fear for rejection and failure — we all have it at some point.
I'm at a point of my life now where I'm trying to be financially
independent but keep on failing AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.
So, yeah. A few weeks ago, my semester break started & I was
pretty eager to find a "summer job" (theoretically) to try and
gain some working experience and penny at the same time.

But, as you can already guess,
the plan went terribly wrong.

And, here I am. Sitting here typing another blog post
because all my 10 walk-in-interviews in the previous
weeks ended up with "we'll give you a call as soon as
possible", which they NEVER called me again, ever.
The thing is, I can't get a job because I don't have
experience because I can't get a job. It's a cycle!

I understand that no employers would want to hire a person who has
no prior working experience (aka me), but doesn't everyone need to
START somewhere?! How could they expect me to have any working

Does that mean I have to LIE and say I had 5 PREVIOUS JOBS
when all I had is zero working experience because I'm just
trying to get my first job to build my working experience?

For the longest amount of time I've been working on

turning all of my social media following into a business
opportunity, but turns out it's not paying off very well.
Have I tried selling products on my social media? Yes.
If you didn't know, I have a Chinese blog on Facebook
called 经典心理学, which has currently garnered 37K
followers — which is CRAZY! But whenever I'm trying
to utilize it for business, IT NEVER WORKED FOR ONCE!

It's like people knew I was going to earn money and they're
just like: "Oh, look, that kid is trying to run a business, let's
try to make him fail because nobody gives a shit about him!"

I'm literally running out of my fucking wits.
It's not like I'm the breadwinner of the family
and I had to go out there and earn the living,
I just don't want to be a parasite who lives off
my parents' earning! I don't want to, but I had to.

This is the WORST feeling, ever.

I guess the main purpose of this blog post is to serve as a reminder,
for me myself and for anybody reading this, that we are not alone.
Being a grown up SUCKS, but we CAN'T go back in time. We CAN'T.
If you're currently 19 years old and still can't manage to even find
a part-time job because you're SO OVERLY PROTECTED in your early
teenage years, kudos, because I am on the same fucking boat as you.

Here's to wishing me finding
a new job very soon, hahah.


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