Hey Zengarmy,

It literally feels like I've just posted a blog post yesterday,

but in reality, it's been almost a WEEK since I last updated my blog!
The past few days had been a little bit hectic for me, presumably because

Today is the first orientation day of my Psychology degree! EEEEEK!
(It's a 3 year Bachelor of Science program btw, if you're interested to know)
I honestly feel so rejuvenated to be able to be back to school after the
LOOOONG BREAK from A-levels (aka 2.5 months of Netflix, don't judge me).

Quite a few bits and pieces in my life changed recently,
and one particular incident ignited the fire in me to write this blog post.
Okay, so here's how my story goes. First of all, you need to know that
I strongly behold the "Rule Of Shutting Up"
as one of my endeavor to combat with my anxiety.

You might be wondering : What exactly is the Rule Of Shutting Up?
It's basically a low-maintenance simple rule which requires me to :
(a) don't care too much, and (b) stay away from negative people.
I've been able to abide to this rule for a considerably long period,
but today is the day that I'm going to break this rule for once.
Today, I present to you ..........

FYI, I stayed in a 4-person-sharing hostel room.
The room itself is rectangular in shape in real life,
but for illustration purpose I made it square :

Sit tight. My story begins right now.
Two days ago, my new roommate moved in,
and the moment he opened the door he is greeted by this :

A picture from the "war" zone.

Because I am a conscientious person, I decided to kindly keep C & W's names in private,
BUT can you imagine how I've manage to tolerate with C & W for that long time ?!?!
They're both basically the most disgusting and obnoxious human being
I've ever witnessed in my entire existence in the human history !!!!!!

The worst part ?
It's not only C & W that I have to deal with,
( PS : All of them are equally "HYGIENIC" !

The living area is SUPPOSED to be a shared area,
but look at what they've done to the place ?!?!
They acted as if they freaking bought the entire house instead of renting!
I did think of issuing a complaint to the hostel management department before,
but I hesitated, because I didn't want to be the one who rat on people.
And I've gotten so used to this ridiculous mess created by them,
after tolerating with them for almost a year! A FREAKING YEAR!

"Then why do you still blog about them?" You might ask.
Remember when I mentioned earlier that :
"one particular incident ignited the fire in me to write this blog post." ?
Well, this following incident appears to be the last straw for me.
When my new roommate moved in, I had a conversation with him,
since I was the only person in the entire unit at the moment he moved in.
I found out from the conversation that he comes from a complex family,
where he lives with neither his father nor mother, but his guardian family.
I wanted to give him a warm hug upon hearing that,
but of course I didn't do that because that would be weird hahaha.
Regardless, I do genuinely feel proud for his perseverance.

After settling down for a bit,
he decided to go for a walk around the campus with
some of his newly met friends, so I bid him farewell.
And not too long after he left the unit,
a housemate who doesn't live in my room but is friend with C & W
barged into my room & STRAIGHT AWAY stared at my new roommate's bed.
After staring for a good 20 seconds, he left the room without saying anything
and from the outside of the room I heard him saying to ANOTHER housemate :
"Yerr... I saw angry bird stuffed toys on the bed. That newcomer must be gay!"

And I was like :

Like, how could he judge a person he never met before?
And yet he sounded so confidently!
It scares me a lot when I think of how they would
comment on me when I'm not around!
If you're one of my close friend,
you'll know that I cannot stand rude people.


I'm not sure how you would react to rude people,
but whenever I encounter rude people,
I would quickly write the incident down instantly.
So if you find the content of this blog post all over the place,
it's because these are exactly my unfiltered thoughts at that instance.
Sorry for the negativity, but I really need to vent my frustration.
In this case, I would end this blog post by giving my rude housemates a gift :)

Happy cleaning your shits, motherfuckers :)

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