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Welcome to the second post of my #MHA series!
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Okay guys. Spoiler alert, to those of you who feel like you're worthless :
Chances are, you probably are worthless — but,
here's the twist: so is everybody around you.
We are all, kinda, a bunch of worthless humans trying to put on a show &
act like we have our lives put together in its perfectly puzzle. Is that NOT
the truth? I'm curious to know, has anybody actually never felt worthless?
I can hear all those people with their pocketful of "sunshine and rainbow"
uplifting Instagram quotes yelling at my back, but forced positivity on the
internet is not going to magically shield you from all the ups and downs.
Look at all the perfectly curated pictures on Instagram. Do you seriously
think that those people are living that perfect life? NO. Most of us are all
feeling equally worthless & are trying to fix "something that is wrong".
Some people did it. They managed to train their brains into thinking that
feeling worthless is a waste of time. But if you're clicking into this post
let me guess — you probably don't belong to #TeamPositivity, huh?

Same here, so, welcome.

I know. Not a very motivational start for a motivational post. But I'm more
interested in telling the truth than sweet-talking you into believe that this
world is an actual bed of roses. The world is not. This world that we're all
living in, SUCKS. Chances are, if you're feeling worthless, your insecurities
are already long deep-rooted in your brain at some point of your life: could
be when you failed your test and felt stupid, could be when you looked into
the mirror and felt ugly, could be when you've tried so hard to make your life
better but life just stared at you, dead in your face, unimpressed, and said:

"No, honey, go and fuck yourself."

Is this the first post that you've read with a motivational title but actually
tells you life sucks? Well, isn't it ground-breaking? Welcome to my blog!
If you clicked into this post fully expecting yourself to be motivated,
I would suggest you to really stay tuned till the end of this post.

It's very easy for some people to think that by dismissing & not acknowledging
any forms of negative emotions, they are doing themselves good. I've seen some
ignorant people on my social media posting stuffs like "I'm going to block all the
people who post sad stuffs so that I don't get affected", which is just plain stupid
makes me wonder what would they do when they're having one of those bad days
— when everything went wrong — and they ended up posting "sad stuffs"? Are they
going to block themselves because *throwback* "I'm going to block all the people
who post sad stuffs so that I don't get affected"? Don't be self-entitled. Sometimes
it's a tad bit wiser to acknowledge that the presence of sadness is inevitable, and
forced positivity isn't going to do much when you're feeling at your absolute lowest.

I watched this TED talk video in one of my classes & I found it pretty interesting!
It's around 15-minutes-long, so grab a snack, sit down, and press the play button.

It's CRAZY how your perspective towards
stress can actually turn stress into a fuel
to make you healthier! If there's anything
you can take away from this post, please
know that when you're feeling worthless,
see it as a test that makes you stronger.

I recently met with a friend of mine whom I haven't been hanging out with
for a long time, and I was greeted by the compliment that "wow, you look
really radiant! seems like you've been keeping your life together!". Feeling
PUZZLED by that, I later found out that she probably got that from all the
stuffs I've been posting on my Instagram and other shit. I mean, at some
point you just have to believe that social media — especially Instagram
— is FAKE AS FUCK. Here's a pro tip, when you're feeling inferior about

I hope you're feeling slightly motivated at this point, if not, please at least know
that Instagram is fake AF hahahahahahahha #BestAdviceEver! Ending this post on
a more deep-hearted note, all my thoughts and love go out to all the people who
are deeply affected by the terrifying Manchester tragedy. Here's a little tribute of
mine to all of the kind souls that were gone too soon. May they all rest in peace.



  1. I actually, genuinely, do not believe we are worthless. Though I agree with you-- life is really gross at times, and takes you on an up and down roller coaster that never stops. And anyone who shies away from that truth is just lying to themselves. But i'm not worthless, and neither are you. Have I ever felt worthless? Yes. yes I have. but overall, I believe too deeply that we were each born with a purpose only we can fulfill, and that if we didn't exist, the world would be able to recover, because it would be missing a piece. I don't think any one can write like I do, be sarcastic like I do, binge watch shows like I do, create like I do, dream like I do. I think we're all too unique to be worthless. Yah, our lives can get pretty terrible at times, and Instagram is a piece of garbage that lies to your face and knows it-- but we have so much worth, as humans. Honestly, even just writing these words-- you've made a difference. Not worthless.


  2. Hey! This post could not be written any better! Reading
    this post reminds me of my good old room
    mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him.

    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


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