Hey Zengarmy,

Welcome to my third installment of christmassy blog post!

Today is the day of my last Psychology paper for this semester, yay!
I just finished the paper like an hour ago & I'm feeling like a free bird now,
so I thought: what's better than writing another christmassy blog post for you guys??

If you happened to be a newbie blogger like myself (hello there!),
I'm sure you would be able to understand the torturing process of
coming up with a good blog post with captivating content & pictures.
Sometimes I'm able to open my laptop & just write an entire blog post
in 30 minutes, but let's be real, most of the time my brain is just not working.

I have a lazy brain. Luckily I figured that out long time ago.

Being desperately anxious, I decided to just write whatever that comes out
of my mind. (even if it means 6576073529 words of ranting about my life)
So here it is! My open letter to Santa Clause! (aka my 2015 Christmas wishlist)

I believe everybody once believed that Santa exists, and I'm no exception.
( what a grammatically quirky sentence, I know I know )

When I was a kid, despite being an Asian, I used to believe that Santa exists.
On every Christmas eve, I would put up a small red colour box beside my bed
with a letter to Santa containing my wishlist inside the box. I know, it's ridiculous.
I would receive a penny (obviously put in by my family) in the box on every Christmas morning.
But thinking back now, I didn't regret at the slightest for (once) believing in Santa!
I think I did tell a couple of my friends before and they all ended up curling in
a ball giggling & laughing at my childishness. But I don't give a shit anyways. lol.

Fast-forward to when I was 13, I grew tired of it, and worst still,
my brother let the cat out of the bag & told me that it was him
who've always tossed a penny inside my red box every Christmas day morning.
(FYI I do get surprised everytime I saw a penny inside the box on Christmas morning)
Since then, I didn't put up the red box beside my bed on Christmas eve anymore.
However, today, in honour to reminisce with my long-lost inner child,
I decided to put up my wishlist online to share on my blog!
(with 600++ readers & roughly 1300++ views every month)

 So here it goes! Phew! 

Dear Santa,

It's me again, Zeng Teck.
Sorry for not writing to you for 
the last 5 years in a row.
I hope you're not mad. Are you?

When I was 12,
I remember I made a wish for a 
voice that can stay forever high-
pitched like a 12-year-old
And it works, to some extent.

Thanks to you, now whenever I 
talk to strangers on the phone,
the first thing they ask is 
always about my gender. lol.
Even the first ever comment on
my YouTube channel goes like this:

"No offense, but are you
a male or a female?"

Pffft. I can't believe he used
the word male or female. hahah.

But thanks to you (also),
with this special voice I gained
my personality. And I love it!
I love how I am different from
the others :)

For this year, all I want for
Christmas is 10 billion US dollar
so that I can buy the shit out of it.

Nah. Just kidding. hahah.

All I want for 2015 Christmas:
- A less lazy brain
- A less anxious mind
- A braver & happier heart
- A good camera (for my blog)
- A puppy (preferably husky)
- 2 Christmas Days in 2016

There are of course a lot more.
But I decided to cross that out
and leave only 6 on the list.

Thank you so much in advance.
Merry Christmas.

Obviously I'm just messing around at the 10 billion US dollar part kerkerker,
but just a disclaimer : I won't push the opportunity away if it comes ;)
I feel like it's SO important for us to focus on getting less pain than more things.
The thing with getting MORE things is : YOU CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH, EVER!
But when you focused on getting less pain & suffering, it is achievable.

I used to constantly think about when will I be able to achieve everything,
but later realize that it is all delusional & destructive thinking.
I'm happy with what I own NOW. Who knows how my life will change
if I get famous overnight? Will I become a sadder person instead?
I don't know. That's why I should be happy with my life NOW.
And you should, too. Trust me in this one.

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