Hey Zengarmy,

If you haven't noticed yet, my blog is fucking snowing!!!

Even though it took me 2 hours to fix the HTML code for the snow flake effect,
it was ALL WORTH IT. I feel so warm and cozy whenever I open my blog hahahah!
The only thing that pisses me off is that the animation makes my blog so lag.
I calculated, it took at least 10 seconds for all the snow flakes to FULLY appear!
Fortunately, it took less time to load on mobile device, THANK GOD!

Nevertheless, I still love the effect.
Despite the fact that I live in Malaysia, where there's no winter AT ALL,
I still get excited whenever Christmas season approaches! *dancing on my bed*
Hence, in today's blog post, I thought I would write about all things christmassy!
( pretty damn sure christmassy is NOT a real word but HEY. )

I love capturing little moments that remind me of Christmas!
The cute colour pencils and the cat-toy-stuff are from Yubiso, by the way.
You can obviously follow me on my Instagram to see more of these ;)
If you're curious, I'm currently using Vscocam to edit my Instagram photos.
My current Instagram theme is a kind-of-orangy-blue tone which I'm digging it
because it resembles polaroid photo effect hahaha. *total shit at describing colours*

This December also marks the end of the first semester in first year of my Psychology degree.
Even though the subjects are quite stressful, I'm loving every second of it!
I'm also so grateful that my old friends are still by my side. Sounds cheesy I know.

Not to forget, here are some of my favorite Christmas songs this year!
( or OF ALL TIMES. I'll basically recycle these songs every year tbh! )
Not gonna lie. I started listening to all of these songs at the end of October.

What are your favorite Christmas moments this year?
Do you have any Christmas songs to recommend?
Share it in the comments below!

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