Hey Zengarmy,

I was kinda having a massive blogger block these few days

that I basically can't produce ANY IDEAS for a new blog post :'(
Everything feels SO wrong to me. My grammar is awkward, my word choice is poor...
So, I think it would be a perfect timing to blog about food hahahahaha!!!
( REALITY : Some people do like to "read" pictures rather than words )

Okay, enough babbling, back to the story.

I went to this dessert shop named "Haraju-Cube" a few weeks ago,
and I must faithfully speak from the bottom of my heart that :
I've NEVER EVER eaten any type of dessert that made me
T H I S   M U C H   H A P P Y  ! ! !

I'll leave the address right here right now,
just in case I forgot to type in later. LOL. #lifeofablogger

103 Level 1, Empire Damansara,
Damansara Perdana, Jalan PJU 8/8,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

 L O O K   A T   T H E   C O L O R  ! ! ! 

I mean, who wouldn't feel happy sitting in this shop ?!?!?!

Everything in this shop looks damn "pinteresty", "tumblry" & "instagrammable" !!!
Everywhere in this shop is so #POTD (Picture Of The Day) hahahahaha.
*I can literally keep on taking instagrams non-stop for 3 hours in this shop*
The decor in this shop mainly focuses on white, yellow, and blue,

which is a pretty welcoming color scheme for a dessert shop :)
Now, moving on to the fooooooood.

The brown color one is "coffee milk",
while the cream color one is "butterscotch milkshake".
I personally prefer the coffee milk because it's VERY aromatic,
while the butterscotch milkshake tastes a bit too sweet for me.

Did you see that whole big chunk of honeycomb???
OMG I'm dying! Take note that the honeycomb is QUITE sweet,
so it's better to eat it together with the ice cream & toast :)
PS : don't forget to add in a few drops of their
signature homemade honey too! It adds to the aroma &
surprisingly neutralizes the overpowering sweetness!

If you're searching for a nice, cozy place to indulge in your sweet tooth,
& catching up with your long-time-no-see friends at the same time,
Haraju-Cube is the perfect place for you !!!
The food there is worth the price, in my opinion,

( RM40 ++ for a large honey toast & 2 milkshakes )
and the portion of one large honey toast fits perfectly for 4 persons' stomachs, too !!!
I would definitely recommend this shop to all the dessert lovers out there :)

PS : After re-reading through this whole blog post,
I realize how scattered my sentences are. hahahah. Sorry guys.
As I mentioned earlier, I'm having a blogger block. My apologies.

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