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So, after surviving my blogger block, I'm starting off a new series here on my blog,
where I talk about some life advice that I think would help people in some ways.
As a matter of fact, I've already started this series on my Instagram,
in which I used the hashtag #zengtalk.

Freshman year can be fearful for some people,
so today I'm going to tell you guys the things that
I wished I did differently during my freshman year,
and the things that if you're gonna be a freshman, you should definitely try,
because honestly, they will help you.

[ 1. People are all selfish. ]

As harsh as it may sound to you, it's TRUE, sadly.
People are all selfish. It's in our human nature.
Nobody gives a shit about you in college, except your lecturers.
(or maybe a few friends if you're lucky enough to have them) 
In college, most of the people will just care about themselves. It's normal.
My advice to you? Stay on top of things and be organized.
Your parents are not by your side to tell you the deadline of assignments,
nobody's gonna come and knock at your door and tell you to study for the tests.
Believe me, you're gonna forget your assignments.
so MAKE SURE you become your own parents !!!
( Does that even make sense to you guys? )

[ 2. People don't stay long. ]

You're gonna lose touch with the people that you once used to be friends with.
Believe it or not, most of your high school buddies that you think you can't bear to leave?
They're going to build their own friend circles once they don't see you in 3 months, LOL.
Some people are literally gonna fall off the face of the Earth,
they're not gonna wish you Happy Birthday on Facebook anymore, (which is normal)
but hey, it's okay, you're gonna make new friends.
That's how life works, Zengarmy.

[ 3. Make new friends !!! ]

Speaking of that, making new friends is important in college.
Be social, be outgoing, and make new friends.
Everyone is in the same boat as you, and honestly,
if you were a shy person in high school, NOBODY KNOWS!
So totally just be outgoing, go out there and make friends,
because the thing is : you're gonna have a tonne of acquaintances but only a few friends.
So make sure you go out and basically fish for new acquaintances,
and hopefully you can build those relationships and actually have good friends.

[ 4. Your plans are going to change. ]

So, whether you decided to be a lawyer, or doctor, or a zoo keeper,

really, your plans are going to change, AND IT'S TOTALLY OKAY.
It's not the end of the world if you decided to change your major.

[ 5. Go to class. ]

Yes. I'm not kidding. Go to every class.

Classes in college are different from in high school.
It will help. Trust me.

[ 6. Buy a lot of underwear. ]

This one sounds a little bit awkward, but it's true.

One of my struggle in my freshman year is laundry.
Ain't nobody got time for washing clothes every day !!!
FYI, I used to wash my clothes literally every morning
because I can't bear the sight of unwashed clothes under my bed,
but for convinience purpose, I advise you to just buy loads of underwear.
It will make your life a whole lot easier.

[ 7. Make sure you have food in your dorm. ]

There will be days when the weather is bad, or you're not feeling well.

You wanna make sure you have foods like bread, hot chocolate, or cup noodles in your dorm,
because literally, the saddest part of your life is when your roommate has food & is eating
and you're just like : "... Can I have ... just one bite ... please ?"

[ 8. Do things outside your comfort zone. ]

Join clubs. Your school has so much to offer,

and I feel like so many people don't take all the opportunities out there.
So, definitely be on look out. There are so many free concerts and things going on.
Look for them and find them, and maybe you'll have a lot more fun in college.

[ 9. Avoid drama queens. ]

Your classmates, your roommates, somebody is going to get mad at you.

There's going to be drama, for sure. Try to avoid it.
You don't have to be best friends with everyone.
Everyone you meet doesn't mean that you have to go and tell them everything about yourself.
Meet them, but what you wanna do is to just schedule a day to hang out with them,
and if they agree, maybe you can build friendships with them,
if they reject you, you got nothing to lose.

[ 10. Take tonnes of pictures. ]

You're gonna so regret it if you don't take enough pictures of you and your best friends.

Taking pictures is a great way to capture memories.
Luckily I vlogged some parts of my college life on my YouTube channel,
so I have the chance to reminisce my freshman year just by clicking the videos hahaha.

[ 11. Don't forget your family. ]

Call your family and answer their texts.

They worry a lot about you.
At this point of your life you ought to realize that
your parents won't be staying by your side for too long.
They're aging as you're growing. Don't forget that.

[ 12. Dress up. ]

It's never gonna hurt you.

Number one, you get people's attention easily.
Number two, your lecturers might remember you.
And number three, you'll always look good for a selfie. LOL.

[ 13. Haters gonna hate. ]

If something makes you unhappy, you can get rid of it.

It's not like high school, where you have to spend 4 years facing the same people.
As I said before, your friends change year to year,
so if you don't like somebody (even if they live next to you),
you don't have to deal with them.
If you see them in the hall, smile and make acquaintance,

[ 14. Start networking. ]

Relationship building, internships, and networking are crucial.

When you start you classes, study hard, do well,
but also try to be on your lecturers' good side,
go to their office hours, make connections with them,
you'll lose nothing, I promise.

[ 15. You don't have to blend in to be cool. ]

Most of the people think that they have to blend into the crowd in order to be cool,

but that depends on which crowd you're in. Life is all about making choices.
When you're going out, be with friends who don't drink alcohol rather than
those friends who always like to drink until they drop.
In that case, you don't need to be a mom to carry your friends around.
You can always drink fruit juice. They taste better than alcohol.
People who said alcohol tastes better only did so in order to blend in.

[ 16. Start making money. ]

One of the most pathetic people in the world are those who're financially dependent.
Be initiative to earn your own pocket money rather than asking from your parents!

You don't have to do full time jobs. Part time jobs will suffice.
And don't splurge too much on entertainment once you got your first pay.
However, here's a reminder that most of the unscrupulous company out there
are setting up traps for overly ambitious college students to jump in!
So make sure you investigate the company you're working with,
before you started taking part time jobs.

[ 17. Be you. Yourself. ]

I know this sounds lame, but it's true.

When you're in college, it's very easy for you to feel lost,
because every other people will probably act like
they have complete great plans laid ahead of them.
Don't be fooled by them. They feel lost too. They're only pretending.
What you need to do is to really explore yourself.
Your interests. Your limits. Your forté.
Keep on challenging yourself to dream bigger & do bigger things.
What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do.

[ 18. Don't take anything personally. ]

Don't take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you.
What others say or do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.
When you're immune to the opinions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

[ 19. Dating is not that common. ]

Everyone seems to have this concept that when you're in college,

you MUST have a girlfriend or boyfriend in order to complete your life.
That's bullshit, I'm sorry. I've stayed single for 18 years and I never feel happier than that.

Not every girls or boys that you met means that you have to date them.
Start building friendships rather than romance. That's more practical. At least for me.

[ 20. DO IT NOW !!! ]

If there's anything that you've always wanted to do

when you're in high school but don't have the chance to, now is the time.
Do it. Just do it. Or else you have no more second chance.
You've seen what happened to those people in drama series. So cut those bullshit out.
What I really meant here is your childish dreams when you're younger.
No matter how childish they are, now is the time to accomplish them.
If you want to start a blog, do it.
If you want to start a YouTube channel, do it.
If you want to sing on stage, do it.
If you want to dress up as Barbie, do it.
Nobody's gonna judge you, cause you're still "young and impressionable".
If you waited till you're in your late 20s to do all that,
you might find yourself in a very awkward situation.

" Twenty years from now you will 
be more disappointed by the things 
that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover."
--- Mark Twain

Good luck & keep on dreaming,

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