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Being listed as one of the MOST highly anticipated 2016 blockbuster movie,
Suicide Squad is undoubtedly on top of my 2016-must-watch-movie list this year.
However, never would I thought of saying this, I watched the movie yesterday &
I wasn't very impressed by the movie as much as I originally thought I would be.
The movie was rather mediocre (more on that later), which is a bit disappointing.

If you watch the extended movie trailer above (the second video!),
& you compare it with the movie, it wouldn't be long before you start to
realize that the movie is JUST a longer version of the extended movie trailer.
That is pretty much the entire movie.

I don't know if it's because my expectation towards this movie is too high
or what, but I just wasn't very impressed by this movie after watching it.
Don't get me wrong, I wasn't saying that this movie is BAD. It's not bad at all!
In fact, it's pretty good! But the problem is, this movie is rather straightforward,
plain & lacks of depth (which I think is the most important element of a movie).

So there I was, sitting in my cinema seat with boiling anticipation,
fully expecting to see the unexpected dark side of the evil characters,
Everything in this movie can be predicted if you noticed the details in the
movie trailer well enough, which is rather disappointing to me, personally.
Some of the jokes in this movie are quite dry, and the fighting scenes aren't
compact enough to keep people from getting off the seat to go to the loo.

Do I enjoy watching this movie? Yes.
Was I impressed by this movie? No.

Suicide Squad is a great action-packed fun popcorn movie,
which people will be talking about it for about a week or so,
& then forget about the story of the movie because it's SO plain.
If you're expecting a cinematic masterpiece, you'll be disappointed.

[ Overall, 7/10 for Suicide Squad ]

Are there ONLY bad parts in this movie? NO, OF COURSE NOT!
As the director David Ayer has stated, this film is made for the fans,
and I believe if you're a fan of comic book films and a DC fan, you'll
thoroughly enjoy this film! With such a large amount of characters
involved in this movie, I really think that the director has done a
marvelous job in putting all the puzzles (the characters) into the
complete picture, even though MOST of the highlights are being
shed onto Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith),
and the Joker (Jerad Leto). Other characters don't get as much
focus & I think we're all okay with it because believe it or not,

90% of the people watching this movie
watched because of Harley Quinn, duh.

Rick Flagg :
"Seriously, what the hell is
wrong with you people?"

Harley Quinn :
[ takes a purse ]
"We're BAD guys, it's what we do."

Speaking of my favorite characters... OH MY GODDDDD!!!!
I especially LOVE Katana (Karen Fukuhara) & Deadshot in this movie!!!
And if you're wondering, YES, Harley Quinn is not the one I was coming for :P
Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) IS the character whom I was most excited for!
Apart from Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jerad Leto, who did a great job in
portraying each of their characters, I would say other actors did a fairly decent
job in portraying their characters — not too bad but not very impressive either.

All in all, I would still highly suggest you guys to go watch this movie
because it's not often that you can see so many villains in one movie!
BUT, just a piece of advice — don't get your hopes too high for it! ;)
Nonetheless, it would be a fun movie to watch with your friends!

P S :

For my Malaysian readers, if you're going to the TGV cinema to
watch this film, they're currently having this promotion where you
can get the limited edition of Suicide Squad themed Movie Card!
If you already had an original Movie Card, you just need to pay
an extra RM5 to upgrade to the limited edition (you still get
to keep the old card), and if you don't have any, you can apply
one at the movie counter or log on to their website. T&C apply.



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