Hey Zengarmy,

Rejoice! I decided to do more fashion posts this year

since I noticed that my blog posts about fashion had actually
gotten more pageviews than those that aren't about fashion.
Weird thing, huh? I started out as a lifestyle blogger but now
I'm a fashion blogger?? I can work with this you know, hahaha!

So, today's blog post will be a little lookbook of fashion trends
that I'm currently obsessed with & wish to try out (if only I have $).

Ready? Get set. GO!

Geometric prints are going to be huge this year, you guys!
If you aren't adventurous enough to wear a statement piece,
you can start by trying to infuse small little details of prints into
your daily outfits. Start out with a printed T-shirt, then jacket,
then a coat, then a tie. That way, you can slowly experiment
with things without looking like you're trying to be the next Miley!
Noticed how the model on the left kept everything all toned down
but added elements of prints on his waist? If there's one thing I've
learned, it's that layering outfits elevates your entire look.

Less is more. This is one of the advice that I've always heard from fashion
gurus around the globe. And how correct is that? If you want to wear a
statement jacket printed with all kinds of geometric prints that screams
Lady Gaga, consider toning your looks down by pairing your jacket with
black pants and shoes. I like how the model jazzed up the whole look
by pairing his statement jacket with black leather pants and shoes!
For those who knew they can NEVER pull off anything leather-related
(aka me!), denim shirt with funky prints is another consideration for you!

Monochrome outfits consist of only black, white and blue?
SOUNDS PERFECT TO ME! Obviously the model on the right
took this monochrome style to another extreme level lah,
but then, fashion has no rules & is all about trying new things!

Grey grey grey grey grey grey grey grey grey.

Who says guys can't wear skirt and fish nets? #2016!

Even though brightly coloured outfits aren't my thing,
I still think these two looks are pretty dang good tbh!
However, do be careful with the colour yellow & orange
as you might accidentally turn your look into a firefighter
inspired Halloween outfit if you mismatched! #justsaying

A pair of transparent Nike? Yes please.
*Insert Oscar award winning background music*

That's all for this week!
See you in my next one!


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