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I'm typing this blog post SO FAST that my laptop's

keyboard is on the verge of self-exploding. Huuu!!!
I'm SO excited for this movie, & I finally get to watch it yesterday!
It was truly remarkable : Beautifully shot, almost like a piece of art!
There's a lot of hype built around this movie before its release,
as the director and movie cast in this movie is fucking GOLDEN.

Not gonna lie, I was kinda worried that this movie might be
another overrated flop promoted with biased movie trailer.
Alejandro González Iñárritu, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy...
If you don't know any of these people, YOU NEED TO, SERIOUSLY.
I don't know what you've been doing with your life but you need to
watch how they've made movies come to life without the need of
using Lamborghinis and girls in bikinis to catch audiences' attention.

How would I rate this movie?
Well, I am not a professional movie reviewer,
but since I've been rating movies on my previous
movie review blog posts (smart aleck),
I thought it's only fair if I rate this one.

 8.8 / 10 marks for this movie! 

This is not your ordinary and typical Hollywood film.
It is bloody and gory. It is rated PG-18 for a REASON!
I wasn't expecting the blood and gore in this movie to
be SO INTENSE because I refused to search for any online
reviews beforehand, as I wanted to experience everything
first hand. And I'm fucking glad that I made this decision.

Yes. This is a warning that there might be movie spoilers
in this blog post. So if you hate movie spoilers, kindly
click away from this blog post right now. I'm waiting.

Okay I'm assuming those of you who continued reading
have already watched the movie or do not give a shit
about movie spoilers. If that's the case, I've warned you.

This movie is all about survival, humanity, & revenge,
with a heavy touch of artistic shots and sound effects.
It's partially based on the novel The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge,
which is written by Michale Punke and published in 2002.
The story is based in the 1820s & centers around the feud between
the natives and intruders comprise of the French and the Americans.
Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio)who is an experienced American frontiersman
on a fur trading expedition, fights for survival after being mauled by a bear
and left for dead by two members of his own hunting team.
After the near fatal bear attack that happened to Glass, Glass survived.
Glass' weak condition forced some men from the team to be his caretakers.
One of the caretakers, John Fitzgerald, chooses to betray Glass, and makes an 
unforgivable decision : He left Glass alone in the woods after killing his son, Hawk.
Relying on his insurmountable anger, a powerful motivation for his family, and also his 
passion to live, Glass survives. In this comeback adventure, Glass goes along the wintry
terrain, across the wilderness, and uses his survival skills to go back to the outpost.
Glass attempts to find John Fitzgerald and make him pay for his terrible decision.

One very special thing you can notice from this movie is the
heavy breathing sounds throughout almost the entire movie.
Every scene beautifully transitioned to another without
reducing the builded intensity starting from the beginning,
which is one of the reason why you should watch this movie!

The movie starts off with a seemingly peaceful rhythm,
but before you can fully relax, the violence kicks in.
Raw human flesh. People stabbing each other with knives.
Sharp arrows shot across people's eyeballs. It is very disturbing.
I felt like I was almost on the verge of having an anxiety attack
because everything in this movie is just too realistically brutal.
There are multiple plot twists in this movie, which tricked
people into thinking everything is fine when it's actually NOT.
When you think everything is fine, there is a bear attack.
When you think everything is fine, people started betraying.
And the best/worst part? THIS MOVIE IS 2 HOURS 36 MINUTES LONG.
I had to hold in my pee SO FUCKING BADLY because I don't want
to miss a single scene! I am very stubborn regarding this issue haha!

A word of advice tho, don't drink too much water before watching.
Because of the length of the movie, there comes a point where I
start to think "Is it movie going to end yet? I need to pee right now!",
which is one of the two things about this movie that pissed me off.
The second thing is the ending. If you know me, you know I hate
suspended ending, and this movie fucking ended in suspension!
I know the intention of suspended ending is to give space for
the viewers to self-imagine their own ending. BUT I HATE THIS!

So after the movie ended, I had to go the extra miles to google
online forums that discuss the suspended ending of The Revenant,
and luckily I found something acceptable. Here's what I've found :

What does the look into the camera at the end mean?

To make a final connection with Hugh Glass and to
help them understand that Glass' journey is finished.
The entire film showed us the lengths Glass was willing to go to survive.
The final look he gives us is almost his way of asking you
what kind of person you are and how far you would go.

Do I like the ending? No. Hell no in a million years.
I wish the director would tell us whether Hugh Glass
made it to the outpost or died freezing in the woods.
But nothing was told apart from the eye contact.
This is when I wish I could read other people's minds.

PS : I do think Hugh Glass died in the end.

Nevertheless, I still love this film.
It is definitely of Oscar award's standard.
Some people may find this movie boring,
but I really enjoyed the deep cut in this movie.
I love movies that made people think after watching.

Needless to say, this movie is thought-provoking.
I had a lot of thoughts after watching The Revenant.
Thoughts about the impending death of humanity in this society.
Thoughts about how revenge is unnecessary if kindness persists.
Thoughts about whether Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar.


I love Leonardo DiCaprio. Such a remarkable man that doesn't rely on looks.
Love his performance in Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, and many others.
If he doesn't win Oscar this year, I really don't know what to say lah.
Fuck you, Oscar judges, if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't win Oscar this year.
On the side note, Tom Hardy's character as John Fitzgerald, the big villain
in this movie, is also one of the highlights in this movie. I want to punch
that guy after watching this movie. That's how you know an actor is good.

As per usual, I always insert my favorite quotes from the movie.

As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.
You breathe... Keep breathing.
When there is a storm. And you stand in front of a tree.
If you look at its branches, you swear it will fall.
But if you watch the trunk, you will see its stability.

I ain't afraid to die anymore.
I'd done it already.

My heart bleeds. But revenge is in the creator's hands.
Revenge is in god's hands not mine.

They don't hear your voice!
They just see the color of your face.
You understand? You understand?

Hugh Glass: He's afraid. He knows how far I came for him.
Same as that elk, when they get afraid 
they run deep in to the woods.
I got him trapped, he just, He doesn't know it yet.
Andrew Henry: How can you be so sure?
Hugh Glass: Cause he got everything to lose.

( Please proceed with caution )

This is the final look into the camera that I was talking about.
Do you think Hugh Glass survived? Or did he died out of freeze?
Leave me some comments below to tell me what you think!


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