Hey Zengarmy,

( Disclaimer : I didn't wear any foundation so please excuse my skin! )

Okay just FYI, I spent almost 20 minutes on deciding how to title this blog post.
Believe me, I initially named this post as "How To : Easy 3-Steps Eye Enlargement
Hacks For Asian Monolids / Hooded Eyes (Without Photoshop or Plastic Surgery)",
but then realizing the title is too long for anybody to be interested to click into.

Okay I know. Some people look GOOD with monolids/hooded eyes,
but unfortunately I'm just NOT one of those lucky bunch of people.
My monolids have been one of my most insecure features that I am
always very conscious about. They always made me look listless and
tired even though I'm feeling the complete opposite — very energetic!

As you can see from the close ups above, I have a really bizzare eyelid type.
My kind of eyelid type is a combination between monolids & double eyelids,
where my double eyelids are often invisible due to the thickness of my eyelid.
In Chinese, this type of eyelids is called 内双眼皮,which is often referred as
monolids because when you look from afar they looked EXACTLY like monolids.

And WORST OF ALL, monolids look
a million times mono when you got
smaller eyes, which I was born in :(

However, GOOD NEWS is : nothing can't be solved with a little bit of tricks!
In this post I'm going to show you guys how to make your eyes look (slightly)
bigger than they normally are, WITHOUT using any photoshop or undergoing
ANY plastic surgeries. Of course, if you want to permanently remove your
monolids, the best way to do it is still via minor plastic surgery. But if you
don't hate monolids & just want to experiment with different looks, here's
how you can achieve a natural double eyelid with just a few simple makeup
tricks using just 3 BEAUTY PRODUCTS! The makeup tricks I'm using is suitable
for both guys and girls, but if you want to make it look even more dramatic,
feel free to add on more products such as contact lenses or faux eye lashes!

Step 1 : Thicken up those eyebrows!

I can STILL remember the FIRST TIME I filled in my eyebrows!
I went to Innisfree and bought my first ever eyebrow pencil
(you can read my review HERE), and I ended up looking like
a legitimate caveman (because of my bushy eyebrows) hahah!

If you're new to makeup, always remember "less is more".
Building up products upon products is way more easier than
blending products away from products. This theory applies
to all types of makeup! When you're filling in your eyebrows,
try to mimic the pattern of your eyebrow hair to achieve a
more natural look. Thicker or fuller eyebrows are extremely
popular nowadays, especially in Asian countries such as Korea
or Japan, due to the fact that it gives a more youthful & vibrant
look to your face. Additionally, fuller eyebrows act as a frame to
your eyes, making it a tad bit more visually prominent than your
other facial features — think of your eye as a picture and your
eyebrow as a frame, do you notice a picture more if it comes
with a frame OR without a frame? Food for thought. Hahahah!

Let's say if you accidentally overdrawn your eyebrows because you're
overly excited to transform yourself into another Daenerys Targaryen
(it happens, lol), the first thing you want to do is to blend out the
pigment using a spoolie (or a brush, whichever you prefer). If that
doesn't work and your eyebrows are still looking harsh AF, you can
try to use a tiny bit of concealer to clean up the edges of your
eyebrows and then tone down the pigmentation using powder.

I actually overdrawn my eyebrows hahah but I used
the concealer and powder combo trick and it works!

Can you notice the difference?
It looks softer compared to before.

Moving on to the next step ...

Step 2 : Add shadows to your face!

In order to prep for the third and FINAL step (woohoo!),
adding depths to the skin around your eyes is important.
For a more natural look, choose a shadow 2 shades darker
than your original skin tone. For more dramatic looks, you
can gradually add on to the pigment, BUT always remember
LESS IS MORE! I got my nose shadow from Daiso (aka $1 shop)
but honestly if you use eye shadows or contour sticks the effect
would be much better. If possible, use a cooler tone of taupe color
instead of a bronzy/warm tone, as it appears more natural on skin!

Okay sorry I didn't notice that my nose contour wasn't blended well
while I took this photo! So... ya, it looks quite muddy & artificial!

Bonus Step : Darken your lash line!

For extra effect, I also used the eyebrow pencil (you can use eye shadow)
to add on a tiny bit of dark color to my upper lash line. This step is for me
to create a fake effect of fuller lash line so that when I open up my eyes
they'll appear more defined and sharp. The shade of my eyebrow pencil
is in dark grey so it won't be overly dramatic if I use it as an alternative
eyeliner. If you're a guy who is not comfortable with the feeling of gliding
something on your upper lash line, you can go ahead and just skip this step.

Now, here comes the FUN PART!

Step 3 : Apply double eyelid tape!

PS : Also got the double eyelid tape from Daiso because I'm #cheapo

For beginners, I find it the EASIEST & FASTEST to put on your double eyelid tape
using a tweezer! You can use your hand, but the risk of having the tape sticking to
your finger and losing its stickiness ANNOYS ME A LOT, LIKE SERIOUSLY ANNOYING!
I prefer using the double sided ones (sticky on both sides) as they appear more
natural on my eyelids. Also, always opt for the transparent type instead of the
colored ones (because OBVIOUSLY!!), and try to put them onto your eyelids as
soon as you pulled them out of the package to retain the stickiness of the tape.

For a more natural look, you would want to consider creating a double eyelid
closer to your lash line instead of your crease. For me, I personally prefer to
create my double eyelid slightly above the fake eyeliner that I've drawn on.

Now, here comes the MOST important part.

Apply the tape SLIGHTLY BELOW your imaginary line of your double eyelid.
This part is ULTRA IMPORTANT because if you apply the tape straight onto
the exact spot of your imaginary double eyelid line, your double eyelid will
turn out to be higher than you originally expected (aka more unnatural!).
your eyelashes will stick onto the double eyelid tape! (which is disastrous)

After you've made sure you put the tape onto the correct line,
gently open up your eyes. Your imaginary double eyelid should
be (slightly) formed right now, but please don't be too excited
yet as the process is STILL NOT over! You should now use your
pinky finger (or the blunt side of a toothpick) to gently push
the double eyelid tape INWARD into your eyelid. The tape will
act as a glue to stitch up your eyelid skin to create a new double
eyelid. It may take some practice before you found your perfect
imaginary double eyelid line, so don't be too furious if you failed
the first time! It took me 3 times before I finally get it right haha!

And... VOILA! You're done!

I hope this blog post is somehow helpful for those of you who wanted
to try out makeup but didn't have any idea of where to begin with!
Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do another
blog post about how I apply my foundation and the comparison
between my bare face and the "beaten up" face hahahahahah!
And also don't forget to comment below if you've tried out any
of the tips mentioned in this blog post! I would love to see your
"before and after makeup" photos! You can tweet me on Twitter!

I'll see you in my next one! Bye!


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