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Note to self : Bad things are only bad if you give them the power to be.

By now you should've already known that I love thisbedottie's videos.
because her videos are always so inspiring despite the short length!

How many times have you blamed The Universe, when things aren't
going in your way, when it's YOU who forgot to organize things yourself?

We, as humans, tend to have this self-serving bias of attributing positive events
to our own character but negative events to external factors, such as, the universe.
When it rains and we brought our umbrellas (yay), we owned that to our meticulosity.
But when it rains and we forgot to bring our umbrellas (sad), we blamed the universe.

Of course we blame the universe. Because it's simply easier to do so,
than to admit to our own carelessness and figure out ways to fix it.

So much wisdom from that short little mini 1-minute-long video!

I'm guilty of saying this but I USED TO ALWAYS BLAME OTHER PEOPLE
when things went very wrong, even when it was obviously my own fault.
I naively thought that by pushing the blame and guilt to other people,
I would feel less burdened and guilt-stricken. But in the end of the day
it was me who felt more burdened and guilt-stricken. Instant karma, lol.

During my earlier teenage years (I'm 20 now!), I was surrounded by
so much negative thinking that I thought the universe is going against
me & everything I'm doing. I became depressed because I thought that
whatever I achieved is going to be destroyed in the end of the day.
And that was obviously so fucking stupid of me to think in that way.

Sometimes it's wiser to just bite the freaking bullet & admit to your fault.
I learned this in a hard way. When you're always pointing out your fingers
towards other people, you can't see your own fault when it is your fault.
You'll never grow up. You'll be constantly thinking that other people are
dragging you down and causing you to be in trouble when it is your attitude
that dragged you down and caused you to be in trouble. It's a simple theory,

But yet we always forget about it
most of the time / all the time.

Admitting to your own fault can be intimidating and embarrassing,
but it beats putting your fate on the hands of the universe by blaming
other people every time you committed an error. Instead of wondering
"when is it going to get worse?", ask yourself "how can I make it less worse?"

Sometimes you just gotta buck up, step forward, and smash the fucking mirror.

Just a little thought to share today.

Hope you've found some inspiration from this!

Anyway, here's a new video that I've recently uploa
ded on my channel.
It's completely out of this topic but I thought you should go and watch it ;P

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That's all for today, and I shall see you in my next one very soon! Peace out.


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