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Hey Zengarmy,

Okay, before you ask me what the heck is going on right now,
let me just quickly point out that - YES, that is my face on the cover,
and that is not an album, it's actually a single, and it's not for sale.
Long story in short, I recorded a song for my friend's assignment
and he kindly granted my wish to own my own single !!!

To be frank, I wasn't born with great music talent, I have to admit that.
I pretty much self-learned all of my singing skills by mimicking my favorite singers,
and perform what I've learned whenever I was in a bathroom.
My first closest encounter with singing is probably when I was pushed
onto the stage in a karaoke lounge to sing a Chinese pop song.
And then my family discovered that I can actually sing. Hahaha.
However, ever since I hit my puberty I can't sing high notes easily ANYMORE,
which is saddening, and that makes me feel slightly depressed for quite a period.
But later on I slowly accepted the fact that I can't sing certain keys,
and I try singing lower keys since then, which is definitely NOT an easy job.
Well, actually, NOTHING IS EVER EASY. You gotta accept that fact.

Although I had been uploading covers and stuffs on my YouTube channel,
I wasn't actually quite satisfied with my previous works, to be completely honest.
The sound and visual quality of my old videos are VERY amateur,
and I feel COMPLETELY surprised when some of my videos get so many views,
like, my "Blank Space" cover got 1.6K views by now,
and a few other videos got 500 to 600 views each,
which is insane for an infamous nobody like me !!!

As much as I love singing, it can sometimes be a daunting task for me.
In my case, I find it very hard to find a correct genre for myself.
I used to think that Country music is my genre, or Acoustic Pop,
but my friend told me that Jazz music is more appealing to my vocals.
Recently I was told by my friend that I sounded dead in most of my YouTube covers,
which I am fully aware of, but I just can't seem to find that perfect genre
which fits my voice perfectly & effortlessly. Which is so annoying!

But then, thinking in another point of view,
singing is suppose to make us feel happy, not stressed out,
so why so serious? Hahahahahaha.

Anyway, if you don't know my YouTube channel yet,
I will leave a link of my channel's URL so that you can go & check it out :)
Feel free to leave any song suggestions for me or any improvement tips,
I seriously need more inspiration right now!


PS : If you're curious about why I chose "MrGagaguilera" as my URL name,

it's because I love Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera when I was like 14,
and when I want to change my URL to "zengteck", YouTube rejected me.

Story of my life, literally.

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