Hey Zengarmy,

Let's talk about gender stereotype.


A few days ago, I found myself in an awkward situation of being asked
by an online stranger of whether I am "the sissy type" or not because
I looked like the sissy type from my profile picture, according to him.

Here's exactly (it's hard to forget) what he typed if you're wondering.
The moment he typed this, I swear to GOD, I blocked this fucktard in less
than 3 seconds. I'm not even kidding. The fuck is this son of whore thinking?

I didn't get to screenshot the real conversation because
(as I said earlier) I blocked him the moment he typed this.
I was too shocked by how fucked up this guy is, for asking
a stranger whom he barely knew "are you the sissy type?".

*Mental note to self : make sure to screenshot if this happens again*

How did this conversation happen? Who is he? Why are you chatting with him?
I can imagine a million questions from you guys but these are the 3 questions
that I can manage to think of now (it's 1am as I'm typing this, I'm tired AF!).
So... *ahem* I'm going to be completely honest with you guys as I always am,
I knew this guy from Instagram, and if you do not know yet, Instagram has this
function of chatting (now you know, you're welcome) with other Instagram users.
And, being a complete weirdo, I've always had this habit of messaging other users
with amazing photographs and telling them I enjoy scrolling through their feeds.

And, apparently this fucktard is one of them.

The conversation started about 3 days ago (I'm totally not sure about this)
& initially I wasn't even expecting him to be replying to my message at all,
but he did anyway. As the "chatting" progressed (I wouldn't even call that
a "chat" because he basically replies in like 8 hours' time), all the way I was
so happy thinking that maybe this could blossom into another new friendship.

But then shit turned REAL UGLY when he judged my by-then profile picture :

( Yes. I've changed my profile picture now btw.
Click HERE to go to my Instagram profile. )

Do I look like I'm the "sissy type"? Yes, & I enjoy being myself.
I don't deny the fact that I was naturally born to be feminine,
but the fact that a complete stranger actually has the nerve to
openly question me about my sexual orientation is beyond me.
It's totally ABOVE and BEYOND me. Like WHAT THE FUCK makes
you think you have THAT right to label and discriminate people?!
Sissy is NOT a pleasant word & NOBODY deserves to be called that!

Gender stereotype is disgusting
& makes me feel disheartened.

I think I've already mentioned this before: when I was younger,
I had this unpleasant experience of being patted hardly at my
own chest by my relative & being told that I should "man up".

Like seriously? Man up?!

Fuck you and your gender stereotype please ;)

Would I envision the next 10 years to bring changes to gender stereotype?
To be honest, NO. Abso-fucking-lutely NO. There are always going to be
people out there who enjoy labeling people and discriminate people to
gain the feeling of superiority out of gender stereotype. I once saw a
quote from somewhere (I think it's Tumblr) that says "People fear what
they do not understand" & I couldn't agree with it more. Lesbians, gays,
bisexuals, transgenders... People discriminate these communities out of
FEAR. They do not understand why these people are against their rules,
& they feared to be overruled by these people. People fear the unknown.

If you're reading this and you're feeling very disturbed because you're
constantly being reminded by your friends, your family & your teachers
that you're too manly for a girl or too girly for a boy, I want you to listen
to YOUR heart and GO WITH IT. Who's going to live your life? Is it them?

NO. It's you. It's YOU who are the one 
living your life, NOT THEM. NOT all those 
people telling you how you should live for 
the rest of your life. It's YOU who are going
to regret for the rest of your life when you
realize that you didn't live the way you've
always wanted. The way you're born to be.

I'm tired of gender stereotype. I really am.
I hope people realize they don't have to always
fit in in order to be happy. They can be happy
just the way they are. The way they're born to be.


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