Hey Zengarmy,

Today I want to talk about something serious : body shaming.

I never really got into touch with these words until recently.
The whole kerfuffle originates from a "too-dumb-to-be funny" YouTuber Nicole Arbour,
who made a a trolling YouTube video on her channel entitled : Dear Fat People,
where she purposely called out fat people to humiliate them
and make fun of them by calling them useless and "contribute-less".
She then sugar-coated her offensive video with the claim that :
"I am a comedian who make trolling videos!"
which doesn't make sense because she disabled both the comments section
and the viewers rating button for that particular video to obviously
shun away from all the consequential hate comments on her video.
Yes, if you haven't watched the fat-shaming YouTube video by Nicole Arbour,
please do not watch it & DO NOT SEND ANYMORE VIEWS TO HER CHANNEL!

PS : Noticed that I didn't put any links to her video & channel?
Yup. I didn't want to send you guys to her video to give her anymore views.
I can't believe that her trolling video has reached 2 million views by now,
and Nicole seems to be pretty happy with her "one-hit-wonder" fame,
which disgusts me a lot.

Shortly after the publish of the offensive video by Nicole,
one of my favorite YouTuber Grace Helbig made a reaction video,
which pretty much explained all my thoughts in 7 minutes :

“ew hes too skinny!”

“shes soooo fat it’s disgusting.”

“hes so fat, how does he even have a girlfriend?”

“she’d be pretty if she were skinnier!”

How does that sound to you, huh, Nicole?
Body Shaming is the action of shaming someone for their body type,
no matter how fat of how skinny they are. Body Shaming is not okay!
Before I started blogging, I was a person who struggled with low self-esteem.
In my case, my low self-esteem issues bubbled to the surface when
I started developing self conscious in my teenage life.
I started "noticing" that I'm really skinny compared to the others.
I never really felt that way when I was a kid, but since I became a teenager,
I became really self-conscious of my body image (aka how my body looked like to others).
I started to feel that shopping for clothes is a daunting task for me,
because whenever I saw a piece of clothing that appeals to me,
it looked EXACTLY like a pyjamas when I try it on, because I'm TOO skinny!

I felt rather disheartened and triggered after watching Nicole's video.
Either deliberately or not, Nicole Arbour basically promoted the idea
that fat people are worthless and useless to the society! :(
The truth is, most of the people who struggle with body image issues
actually have a really high self conscious, in which they're fully aware
of the fact that their body sizes are different from the ideal body size.

I, as an example, am a skinny person who
struggles with low self-esteem and low self-acceptance.
Too often when I was walking on the street in public,
I felt like people are watching at me and judging my skinny ass.
It took me a lot of effort to actually STOP thinking that way!
That's why I'm very pissed off when Nicole did this. It's not funny AT ALL.
The world is already full of problems. Stop adding more to it.

This is probably one of my most random blog post ever.
But I guess I just wanted to send an important message to my readers
that body shaming is not funny at the slightest. It triggers insecurities.
A lot of people who seemed satisfied with themselves are actually NOT.
Stop judging. Stop it for once and for all.
And try to make this world a happier place to live in.

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