Hey Zengarmy,

Stress! It's something that everybody struggles with everyday,

and if you're lucky enough to have the superpower to
automatically de-stress yourself, you need to bottle up
that superpower to be sent to factories for mass production,
cause I would definitely buy that superpower, GURL!!!

I dare not say that I'm the most professional in combating with stress,

but after living 18 years of my life as an Earthling, I do have some notions
about several quick & easy (and free of course!) ways to de-stress myself :)

Today, I introduce to you ...

Whether or not you're a music lover,
you can never deny the fact that music has the healing power to your stress!
Depending on your personal preferences, some people may find rock music de-stressing,
but I'm definitely not a fan of rock & heavy metal music under most circumstances hahah.

Whenever I'm having a bad day and need to de-stress myself,
I always like to start off a "music therapy" with chill-vibe songs,
and then followed by happy, positive-vibe musics to cheer myself up!
I personally like to make my own personalized playlist on my smartphone,
but if you find that time-consuming, then Spotify will be your BEST FRIEND!
Here are a few playlists that I think you guys might find helpful :)

 ▶ "Happy Lah!" 

 ▶ "Quiet Evening" 

 ▶ "Pop Chillout" 

 ▶ "Totally Stress Free" 

 ▶ "Piano Ballads" 

Voila! There you go! Five different playlists for different moods!

I am a pretty resourceful person when it comes to playlists mwahahahaha!
(suddenly realize that I used too many exclamation marks LOL)

As cliché as it may sound,
a cup of hot tea never fails to make your night better!
Snacking on pop corns or chips may sound like a better idea but,
you'll feel guiltier after wolfing down 10 packs of unhealthy food, isn't it?
So why don't you drink tea instead? Your body will thank you in the next morning :)
Here's a kind reminder that certain types of tea may induce insomnia,
but I always drank green tea & had a good night sleep after that anyway.

By now you guys should know that I'm a huge movie buff.
I find that a good movie can often leave you in a introspective mood, which is good,
because that means you can reflect your problems in a third-person point of view.
AGAIN, depending on your personal preferences, some people may find horror movies
de-stressing, but hell no for me to watch Sinister 2 to de-stress myself !!!
I would usually go to the cinema to watch a blockbuster with my friends :)
 Romance movies or comedy movies are also some good ideas.

If you have no access to cinema, Netflix or YouTube can be your savior!
Especially YouTube videos, they're totally free and they're fun to watch :)
A few YouTubers that I recently enjoy watching are MyLifeAsEva,  PewDiePie,
PsychoSoprano, Grace Helbig, Joey Graceffa, Miranda Sings, Shane Dawson,
and basically 41248 other more YouTubers on the list hahahaha. I'm obsessed!
The whole point is that when you watch either a movie or a YouTube video,
you kinda experience a little getaway for your mind, and when you're back,
you will be as fresh as a cucumber!

When you're feeling down, a companion will lift you up!
You don't need to be around too many friends, hanging out with
one or two of your best friends is the best remedy in this case :)
Even if you're just silently listening to your best friends talking,
it can somehow miraculously calm you down. Trust me.
The knowing of that somebody is always by your side supporting you
can help you to combat with your stress better! (and probably easier!)

You don't really have to do something crazy.
For me, I always enjoy going for a walk with a couple of my friends,
and then we'll stop by some dessert shops for ice creams, besides
sitting down having a fun gossip talk :) It's that simple.

Writing down your own thoughts is very therapeutic.
It's always a good idea to jot down your thinking when you're feeling stressed out,
because only then you can see things in a bigger picture and realize how small your problems are.
Here's a tip : If you're bothered by anger and frustrations, do blog about them,
BUT try not to publish your blog post right away.
Save it as a draft first, then go to have a good night sleep.

When you woke up tomorrow morning, read the draft again.
How do you feel? Do you still feel the anger & frustration?
Chances are you're probably laughing at your angry thoughts :)
Most of the time angry thoughts can be very subjective,
that's why blogging is a good way to keep track of your emotion,
so that you don't accidentally hurt other people's feelings with your frustration.

Alright! That will be all for now :)

Leave your comments below if you have any tips to share.
I would certainly love to know how you de-stress yourself!

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