Hey Zengarmy,

It's been a long LONG time since I last reviewed a full album!

I actually enjoy reviewing albums on my blog here because
I'm always interested to know if my favorite song in the album
will coincidentally be my blog reader's favorite song too!
Today, as the blog title suggests (which I'm sure you've read),
I'm going to review Carly Rae Jepsen's latest pop album :

Remember when I said Carly is another one-hit-wonder

in my previous blog post on Meghan Trainor's album "Title" ???
Well, I was clearly wrong. This year, Carly made a strong comeback!
With the first single of the album released in March - which, if you don't know,
is "I Really Like You" featuring Tom Hanks & Justin Bieber in the music video,
Carly Rae Jepsen impresses me with her ability to produce pop songs that top the chart.
I first knew Carly's name when "Call Me Maybe" blew everybody's mind off in 2012,
and then she mysteriously disappeared for 3 years from the pop atmosphere,
which puzzles me, but it's fine anyway, because once "I Really Like You" is released,
I am instantly hooked up by her alluring pop melody, once again.

The 98 million-viewed music video of "I Really Like You" reignited Carly's career again.
I genuinely feel happy from the bottom of my heart for Carly. She worked so hard.
Well, not that I'm her manager or what lah, but 3 years of her disappearance
is definitely a tough nut to crack for Carly's team to reinvent her image,
cause most of her fans might have veered off from her spotlight in that period.
However, her team did well this time. I LOVE HER NEW IMAGE FOR THIS ALBUM !!!
She's no longer that long-haired cutie pie sweetheart from her previous album,
but a short-haired pop princess re-emerged from the commercial package :)

I adore this album so so so so so so so much!
For me, it's totally on par with Taylor Swift's《1989》, maybe even better!
It's that kind of album that you can put on repeat in your car for a year.
Yes! A year! It's that good for me. I'm not even exaggerating.

[ 8.8 out of 10 for this album! ]

If you're a fan of the nostalgic-pop vibe, then 
this album is tailored for your need.
I love that all of the songs in this album come together as a whole,
yet when you listen to them individually, they make ideal singles.
Whoever the mind behind the making of this album, I salute you!
My personal favorite songs (highlighted) in this album are :

Run Away With Me
▶ Emotion
I Really Like You
▶ Gimmie Love
▶ All That
Boy Problems
▶ Making The Most Of The Night
Your Type
Let's Get Lost
LA Hallucinations
▶ Warm Blood
When I Needed You
Black Heart
▶ I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance
Favorite Colour
▶ Never Get To Hold You
Love Again

This is possibly the best pop album of the year 2015.

And probably the best-selling too if Taylor Swift is not on Carly's way. Haha.
Chill, Swifties, it's just an analogy. But still, I love both Taylor and Carly!

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