Hey Zengarmy,

We are SO CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS (and 2018?!) and I'm mildly freaking out!
As a monthly tradition on this blog, I'm going to share with you a selection
of songs that I've been obsessed with over the course of last month (and
half of December cause I was gone soz!) 🎄 Surprisingly, I wasn't listening
to that many Christmas songs (probably because I've already over-listened
to every single Christmas song I've known since like, June, or whutevahh)
so this month's Music Mondayz isn't Christmas-infested. Sorry to disappoint
you if you're expecting my inner Christmas craze to unleash! (however, you
can go to my Spotify and follow my holy grail Christmas playlist with 147
Christmas songs in it — YES I take Christmas VERY seriously!) 😂 Today's list
is relatively short compared to the previous issues (only 38 songs) but these
are the songs that I frequently revisited in the past month or so, and I hope
you guys will enjoy listening to them! As per usual, I put it in categories 👇

/  c h i l l  /

songs that made me float, without drugs.

/   F e e l   G o o d   1 0 1   /

songs that cheered me up and made me smile.

▲ ps. : I learned about this last song from the soundtrack of Call Me By Your Name!

/  b a d d i e  /

songs that made me badass.

/  d a n c e  /

songs that made me dance to the beat.

/  f e e l s  /

songs that hit my heart with dem lyrics.

/  x m a s  /

of course I have to slide in at least one Christmas song.

Previous Issue : Music Mondayz #24

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  1. Fake Happy is on the list yayyyyyyy!
    Thanks for the list ♡♡♡ finally got to update my playlist.


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