Hey Zengarmy,

Today's post is just going to be a very quick one!
If you've noticed, I wasn't very active on my blog lately,
and that is because my finals are coming soon in less than
a month & I've been busy doing revisions & blah blah blah...
Okay I don't think anyone is interested in knowing more about
how I've been doing my revision so I'll just shut up on that now.

Tbh there's just NOTHING particularly interesting happening

in my life recently, hence I've no idea what to blog about.

The only two interesting things (that I can think of) that happened
last week are the birthday celebration (not mine) with my friends
as well as me being the student ambassador helper during both of
the open days of my uni. It was a pretty boring job, but whatever.

I did make a few new friends from the open days so I thought
I would give them a cheeky shoutout here woohoo (I'm crazy):
Suen, Rachel, Zee, Jordon, and another hot guy whom I didn't
know his name because he's from another station & literally just
had to help me out because I was pushing a trolley full of 80 kg
of brochures. They should've just let him push it instead of me!

Other than that, my days are filled with revisions.

Nonetheless, I thought it would be a great timing to share with
you guys a couple of songs that I've been obsessed with lately :

( PS : They are all summer-themed, I think. hahah. )

Just another GIF that I think would amplify the summer vibes :'D
I know some of you guys are from the western countries and are
enjoying summer right now, so here's me trying to be #relatable.

Don't forget to follow me on my Spotify if you haven't!
I'll probably not be blogging frequently until the middle of
July when my finals are all over, so don't miss me too much.


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