Hey Zengarmy,

I really really really really really really shouldn't be blogging right now.
I'm in the survival mode of my life right now where I have 2 assignments
due by the end of this week as well as another graded exam this Friday.
You can imagine me looking like a potato sitting on my bed typing this.
Why do I always think it's a good idea to write a blog post at late night?

(Fun fact : I usually write my blog posts at midnight & publish them later
on the following day. Sometimes I publish the post instantly. Sometimes)

especially when I've just watched this movie last morning & loved it to my bone.
This movie is so freaking damn super duper mega good! It's a must-watch movie!
I watched Now You See Me (let's call it "the first one") a long time ago because my
friend insisted that I'll fall in love with everything in the movie after watching it.

And I did. I think I rewatched the first one for at least 5 times. That's a lot.
I didn't watch the first one in the cinema because I was oblivious of HOW GOOD
the story is (I thought it's another rip off, I was stupid). But then when my friend
showed me the downloaded movie on his laptop to me, I WAS INSTANTLY HOOKED.
There's plot twist within a plot twist between a plot twist. It's basically everywhere.

Just in case you didn't know what the movie is all about (I hope you aren't),
it's a story about a group of magicians (or better described as illusionists)
who are recruited to a secret illusionists organization known as the "Eye".
The purpose of this organization is to expose crimes did by the rich people,
by using a series of magic shows involving hypnosis, magic tricks and stealing.
4 magicians each with differently remarkable forte are gathered together and
entrusted missions by the "Eye" to expose crimes by unconscientious corporate.
The members are named the Horsemen. No superpowers involved. Just magic ;)

Okay that's all I shall say or else the plot will be spoiled!
I'll let the trailer do the summary for y'all. Don't you worry.

The trailer of Now You See Me 1 (below) and 2 (above).

My only three words for the Now You See Me series would be
Mind-blowing. Boom. Kapow.

I'm a huge fan of the first one. If you haven't watched it yet, 
I ask you what have you been doing with your life all this while?
Go watch it! 10 out of 10 people whom I recommended to are all
converted to a Now-You-See-Me slave after watching the first one!

I'm very glad to say that the second one is as good as the first one,
maybe even better. I was originally quite worried that the second
one would not escape the fate of "sequel-will-only-get-worse", but
the director proved me wrong by making it better than the first one.
The story is so refreshing, original, and just simply mind-blowingly
amazing. However, the plot twists in the second one is not AS good
as the first one. I don't know. Perhaps my puzzle-solving ability has
improved over the years. Some of the plot twists in the second one
are quite predictable, presumably because I've watched the first one
& knew how capable the movie characters are in faking death and etc.

Also, a noteworthy side note here, if you're watching this movie with
the intention of finding the logics behind the magic tricks, you would
probably NOT enjoy this movie. I would suggest you to watch this movie
and just enjoy it no matter how illogical the magic tricks are. It's a movie!
I've seen some friends questioning the logic behind all the seemingly illogical
magic tricks shown in the movie and I'm sitting there be like "IT'S A MOVIE!!!".

So, ya. Why so serious? It's just a goddamn movie for god's sake.

The 4 Horsemen.
You might noticed the girl is different from the first one,
and yes you're correct. Isla Fisher was replaced by Lizzy Caplan,
but the character played by Lizzy is not the same as Isla's character.

Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas.
His character's forte is escapologist.
(which is basically disappearing in the air)

Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney.
His character's forte is mentalist and hypnotist.
(which is basically mind-controlling without magic)

Lizzy Caplan as Lula.
Her character's forte is trickster.
(which is basically faking death and injuries)

Speaking of that, she did a great job in playing her role!
Some people (including me) do get quite defensive when
she replaced the previous girl in the first Now You See Me,
but seriously though, I wasn't disappointed by her role at all!

Dave Franco as Jack Wilder.
His character's forte is card master.
(which is basically the master of card tricks)

You'll have to watch the movie yourself to find out who's the Grand Illusionist.

Jay Chou as Li.
He's one of the secret member of the "Eye".
I'm very surprised that he got quite a heavy amount of
scenes and takes in this movie. Because let's be honest,
usually Chinese actors don't get heavy scenes in Hollywood.

Daniel Radcliffe as Walter Mabry.
He did a pretty damn great job in playing his role,
not to the extend of impressive, but still pretty good.
I guess he can never shed off his Harry Potter hat heheh!

If you fancy watching a good movie this weekend,
Now You See Me 2 is your go-to movie. Trust me!!
I've watched both Finding Dory and this movie, and I
personally prefer this movie much better. Just saying.

[9.5 out of 10 for Now You See Me 2]

I literally cannot keep my eyes off the screen the entire time.
It is THAT GOOD! It's fast-paced, compact, twisted and humorous.
All the elements you need and want in a good movie is in this movie.
On top of that, this movie doesn't tire you out like most of the other action
movies does, because this movie is not even an action movie to begin with.
It is a combination of action, comedy, and thriller! Highly recommended!


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