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Warning : Spoiler Alert.

To say I was very excited when I first saw the trailer of this movie

would be an understatement. I was shocked & beyond excitement.

When I first saw the trailer of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
since last year (diligent promo team!), my initial response was shock.
Putting two of the greatest protagonistic superheroes in the history to
fight against each other? Sounds like a desperate move from DC against
Marvel (which has been killing it with The Avengers series, let's be real).

To be completely honest, I'm neither a huge fan of Batman nor Superman.
No offense but I remember watching the previous Superman movie series
quite a few times when I was younger, and up until today, I'm still partially
clueless about what had happened in the previous Superman movie series.

That shows how unattracted I am towards Superman. No hard feelings, Superman.
You have great biceps & triceps, & a very good looking face + great fashion sense,
but I would rather re-watch the Spiderman series a few times than the Superman.

Batman versus Superman, who will win? That's easy. Come on.
Logically, of course Superman wins. I mean, superhuman strength??
Laser eyes?? Flying ability?? Hello???? Whoever that bets on Batman
on this battle is out of his/her mind. Having said that, I personally
prefer Batman as a movie screen character (I didn't read the comic)
and secretly wish that he could come up with some bad-ass gadgets
that can somehow weaken Superman. (Kryptonium? Probably, duhhh)

My mind is completely blown when I saw Wonder Woman in the movie trailer.
Like what???!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of Wonder Woman either,
however, don't you agree that it is always a pleasure to the sight when superheroes
from different comics united on the movie screen?! (take Avengers for instance!)

So, I watched the movie this morning and it was more than what I've expected.
Some parts of this movie can be easily predicted by watching the movie trailer alone,
while some parts (although not many) are completely mind-blowing to me, personally.
The movie starts off really well by reliving us the scene of how Bruce Wayne (Batman)
lost both of his parents when he was a kid. The story then proceed with how Lex Luthor
(the weird guy in the trailer) deliberately sowing a discord between Batman & Superman,
solely because he wanted to bring disgrace to Superman by plotting & manipulating him to
kill another superhero. You'll know how much of a good actor Jesse Eisenberg is, because
he kept made me wanting Lex Luthor to die in the movie SO FREAKING & FUCKING BADLY.
However, I feel like the story didn't hit me hard enough to make me continuously intrigued.

The period of the movie itself is quite long (2.5 hours), which causes me to be distracted
at a few points in the movie, wondering when is it going to end so that I can go and pee.

Toilet before movie is advised!!!

Towards the middle of the plot, I actually feel BORED watching this movie. Not joking.
Can you believe it? That's not me at all! I usually can't peel my eyes off these kinds of
superhero movies but I'm freaking dozing off while watching Batman Vs Superman???
A fair few middle chunks of this movie keep revolving around how a growing number of
people are starting to consider Superman as a threat to humanity, how people are seeking
justice for the chaos Superman has brought to Earth due to his recklessness, & how Bruce
Wayne is fearing for the future of the world (with such a reckless power of Superman left 
ungoverned), which, let's be real, these scenes are not what we're ACTUALLY expecting.

That said, when DC characters including Cyborg, Flash, & Aquaman were introduced
somewhere near the middle-towards-end part of the movie, both my eyes are lit up.
After realizing that Lex luthor was the sole mastermind behind all the plots & schemes,
Batman & Superman predictedly teamed up with Wonder Woman in a final battle against
a predictable monster villain called Doomsday, which is introduced as the 2nd antagonist
of this movie. The final fight scene is actually so-so. It was quite cheesy & predictable.

I wouldn't say I was disappointed by this movie, but it was actually so-so for me.
The ONLY unpredictable part of this movie is when Superman died in the end.
What?? Superman died?? How is that possible?? I thought he is indestructible??

Trust me. I was as confused while watching the movie in the cinema
as you are while reading this blog post on your computer or mobile device.
Yes. Superman was stabbed right through his heart by Doomsday in the end,
BUT DO YOU REALLY THINK SUPERMAN'S DEAD? Of course not, don't be naive.

How could Superman die when Justice League is in the making?

▲ Sneak peek of Aquaman. One out of 7 members of Justice League.

All in all, an above-average superhero movie in my opinion.
But I would probably not watch it for the second time. Sorry.
Speaking of Batman, do you know that his enemy Joker has a
movie called Suicide Squad coming soon? I'm looking forward!!


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