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" Everyone gets a miracle.
My miracle is Margo Roth 

Before I start this blog post,
I assume that you already read the book.
So, if you haven't read the book yet,
let me kindly remind you that there might be spoilers below.

My first John Green's book is "The Fault In Our Stars",
in which I started reading in 2014.
And since then ? I cannot stop buying his books hahah.
I can't remember spending how much money collecting all his novels,
but I'm sure I didn't regret buying ALL OF them, at all.
My top 3 favorites are "Looking For Alaska", "Paper Towns" & "TFIOS",
and my less favorites are "Abundance Of Katherines",
"Will Grayson, Will Grayson" & "Let It Snow".

When the movie version of TFIOS came out in 2014,
I was quite disappointed by the movie, not gonna lie.
I even wrote a blog post regarding this.
The movie basically skipped A LOT of details, which sucks,
and further confirms the theory that :
movies will never be better than novel.

Having said that, upon hearing the news that the movie version of
Paper Towns will be hitting the theaters in July 2015, I'm on cloud nine!!!
I love the book version of Paper Towns, as I said earlier.
I personally prefer Paper Towns compare to TFIOS, novel wise.
If TFIOS novel deserves 7 out of 10, I would give Paper Towns 8 out of 10.
The only downfall of the Paper Towns novel is the ending part.
I wasn't quite digging the ending of the novel.
It's neither a sad ending nor a happy ending.
It's just suspended.

And I swear I got so mad that I almost
tear the whole book apart when I finished reading it. LOL.
I just HATE suspended ending. Some readers said the suspended ending
is meant to suit the character of Margo that resembles randomness,
but I just can't accept it. WTF ?!?! Why aren't Margo & Q together ?! :(
But then, after having a few post-reading thinking sessions,
I slowly accept the fact that it's Q who is on the journey to find HIMSELF.
The main focus of the whole story is about finding your own voice, not romance.

I watched the Paper Towns movie this morning. It was not too bad.
In fact, it's better than what I expected! I'm so glad to say that!
It's basically the same plot as the novel, but some conversations are changed.
The first half of the movie is a bit TOO FAST-FORWARDED for me.
Quite a lot of details are being cut. Which made me a little bit pissed.
However, the problem is nothing too major compared to TFIOS, lol.
I'd say that it's better than TFIOS movie, I'm sorry!
The second half part of the movie is captivating.
I absolutely love the ending of the movie !!!!!!!!!!
The ending of the movie is better than the ending of the book, in my opinion.
I especially love the ending part when Q said that :
" Everyone gets a miracle, my miracle is them."
In which the word "them" refers to Q's friends : Ben, Radar, Angela & Lacey,
whom he befriended along the journey of finding Margo.
I love how the director takes his own spin on the ending,
and make the ending a HAPPY one, instead of SUSPENDED like the novel :)

One of my favorite scene from the movie.
In the novel Quentin never made it to the prom,
but in the movie he made it to the prom.

Okay, that was hell a lot of photos, haha. Now, onto the actors' performance.
Cara Delevingne portrayed Margo's character on an "okay-okay" basis only,
but it's fine since it's her debut movie performance,
I still love her, no worries. But Margo didn't surprise me too much.
Moving on to Quentin, Nat Wolff delivered his performance VERY WELL, in my opinion.
I actually cried a little bit during the scene when Q found the wooden house in Agloe
but Margo is nowhere to be found and he sat down and cried.
I swear it is so surreal that I believed Quentin exists in real life!
Austin Abrams' character as Ben also surprises me a lot.
Gotta love Ben, but Radar, Angela & Lacey's portrayals are quite weak.
Good castings in overall, they all fit the characters well.
Not to forget Ansel Elgort made a special appearance, I squirmed.
I read the book, so I knew how the plot is going.
I could also mouth their dialogues but I had to keep quiet, it was tough hahaha.
All in all, it's worth watching and better than what I expected.
Whether if you have read the novel or not, it doesn't matter that much.
But if you did read the novel in advance, you might find it a little bit disappointing.
Just a little bit, hahaha, no worries.

In a nutshell, I still prefer the novel compared to the movie.
But the movie was great too, don't get me wrong.
It's just ... the depth of the movie is SO SHALLOW compared to the novel.
If you never read the novel but only watched the movie,
I REALLY suggest you to go and read the novel !!!!!!
You'll never be disappointed. I promise.
I promise I promise I promise I promise.
Get what I mean ? Good.


★ “What a treacherous thing it is to believe that a person is more than a person.”

★ “Everyone demented with the mania of owning things.
All the things paper-thing and paper-frail. And all the people, too.
I’ve lived here for eighteen years and I have never once in my life
come across anyone who cares about anything that matters.”

★ “It is so hard to leave — until you leave.
And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world.”

★ “Nothing is as boring as other people’s dreams.”

★ “There are so many people. It is easy to forget how full the world is of people,
full to bursting, and each of them imaginable and consistently misimagined.”

★ “The town was paper, but the memories were not.
All the things I’d done here,
all the love and pity and compassion and violence and spite,
kept welling up inside me.”

★ “Everything’s uglier close up.”

★ “I learn something about fear. I learn that it is not the idle fantasies of someone who 
maybe wants something important to happen to him, even if the important thing is 
horrible. It is not the disgust of seeing a dead stranger, and not the breathlessness of 
hearing a shotgun pumped outside of Becca Arrington’s house. This cannot be addressed 
by breathing exercises. This fear bears no analogy to any fear I knew before. This is the 
basest of all possible emotions, the feeling that was with us before we existed, before 
this building existed, before the earth existed. This is the fear that made fish crawl out 
onto dry land and evolve lungs, the fear that teaches us to run, the fear that makes us 
bury our dead.”

★ “At some point, you gotta stop looking up at the sky,
or one of these days you’ll look back down and see that you floated away, too.”

★ “You listen to people so that you can imagine them,
and you hear all the terrible and wonderful things people do to themselves
and to one another, but in the end the listening exposes you even more than
it exposes the people you’re trying to listen to.”

★ “Sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are…
People are different when you can smell them and see them up close.”

★ "Margo is not a miracle. She is not an adventure.
She is not a fine and precious thing. She is just a girl."

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