Hey Zengarmy,

This year's birthday could potentially be the worst one in my life.

My throat started to throw a tantrum 2 days before my birthday,
and decided to keep on throwing the tantrum on my birthday.
I originally planned to vlog today, but I literally can't speak.
I mean, not that I cannot speak, but I feel tired of speaking, or
basically involve myself in ANY activity that requires me to swallow my saliva.
My throat feels like it's going to tear apart whenever I swallow my saliva!
Goddamnit. And due to that my meals for these 2 days had been consisting
of cereal, fruit juices, cereal, fruit juices, cereal, fruit juices, and oh,

Surprisingly, today was exceptionally boring. Like REAL BORING :'(
I expected birthday surprises from my friends (even if they're SO predictable),
or at least like a thousand birthday greetings from my social medias (lol),
but NO, none of those happened, which is embarrassing and awkward.
Hence here I am today, typing a blog post trying to recall what happened today.


As I mentioned a few seconds ago (literally),
today was boring because nothing really happened.
I woke up with a very dry throat that feels like a sandpaper,
then I force-fed myself a lot of water hoping it would do miracle.
After showering and all those stuff, I managed to eat some bread with jam,
and then went online to check my e-mail & social medias. Boring stuff.
Apparently I have nothing to attend to apart from a few spam mails,
and of course a few people messaged me on facebook to wish me happy birthday.
Even though I'm fully aware that it's because facebook notifies them
or else they would do nothing, I still felt a slight consolation.

And then, of course, I went to a movie out of sheer boredom hahah.
Crimson Peak is really a good scary movie! If you're a horror film lover,
I have the confidence to tell you that this movie is NOT your ordinary horror film!
It's a mixture of romance, horror, BLOOD, and mostly suspension! You'll love it!
However, if you're not a fan of horror film, I suggest you to not watch it
because there're some really-gory-scenes involving poking each other with knives,
ghosts banging on the door and grabbing arms, and of course a few bits of jumpscare!
To be honest, although it's a REALLY DISTURBING + CREEPY film, I would still
recommend you guys to go watch it no matter what, because the story depicted
ghosts and spirits in a very beautiful, artsy, special & interesting point of view!
(I can't believe I used the word beautiful to describe a horror film but here it goes!)

8.5 out of 10 marks for Crimson Peak. 
Definitely recommended!

After watching the movie I straight away went to buy fruit juice
because my throat is drying out (again) and I needed some liquid food.
So I got myself a Star Appeal from Juice Work, which consists of starfruit
and lots of other goodies that soothe sore throats. It did help, luckily.
And then I worked a bit on my assignments (which means more than 3!),
did some final touches on my PTPTN loan application, bla bla bla,
and here I am now, sitting on my bed writing this blog post.
End of story. heheh.

Here are some Outfit-Of-The-Day photos that I took. Enjoy!

▲ Me trying to be a model. #buaypaiseh

▲ Me trying to look cool.

▲ Me trying to look cheerful.

▲ Me trying to look crazy.

▲ Me trying to "smize".

Love this look?
Here are the details!
▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

When it comes to fashion, blue, black, grey & white are basically my go-to's,
because you can NEVER EVER go wrong with these 4 colors !!!!!!
Well ...... unless you have a really great fashion sense, of course. *ahem*
Whenever I feel like I'm in a down mood or need something to glam me up,
the denim shirt from H&M will be my top choice without any doubts.
I got it from the clearance sale so it just costs me RM40 (normally RM70),
but you can obviously get this kind of denim shirt from literally anywhere!
The stripy cardigan are also my absolute favorite because it goes with
most of the clothes in my closet!!! I don't have to worry about mix & match!
Ain't nobody got time for that.

A piece of advice here is that :
you don't have to splurge on expensive clothes to look good!
I noticed that mixing up clothes from both high-end & low-end
sometimes gives you the BEST result. Layering is the main key.
Remember, less is more, so don't try to put EVERYTHING on yourself!
Jacket is the easiest way to step up your fashion game :)
Depending on the weather in your country, I would personally
recommend you to get thinner jackets instead of the thick ones,
just in case the thicker ones look like a burdening coat on your body!

Ohhhhhhhhh GOD I am in such a good blogging mood today
that I can possibly go on and on and on and on and on!
Okay. One last thing here. I had been contemplating on
starting my own business recently AND I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
It's not some big-ass business plan or anything,
I'm just selling DIY phone cases that is fully hand-drawn
and designing websites and blogs for people :D :D :D

I'm still not too sure how am I going to work on the business part,
but right now I really need your help & support (just mentally, relax)!
You can go over to the new Instagram account that I've just created
by clicking on the linked "new Instagram account" (obviously),
OR you can go on and search for @zengtalk on your mobile device :)
Give it a follow and I'll update you guys once there is any further plan :)

Till next time, Zengarmy.

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