Hey Zengarmy,

Okay who's ready for another story time ???!!!
Today I'm going to talk about my one of my recent drama on Facebook.
Being a blogger who owns tonnes of social medias to interact with my reader,
I sure know a lot about how to get attention from people, if I say so myself.
But recently I have been questioning my formula of getting attention.

"If they don't get the joke,
they don't deserve to get the joke."

 - Taylor Swift, 2015. 

Taylor Swift recently quoted this phrase in a magazine interview,
in which she addressed how certain community of people see her "Blank Space"
music video as her confession to her past failed relationship/romance,
when the actual meaning behind the music video is to serve as a sarcasm.

 That is exactly what I'm going to talk about today!
When my sarcasm is being misinterpreted into something else! 

So, a few days ago on my birthday,
(which I hope you still remember tho)
I posted this tweet on my Twitter :

which I personally think it deserves at least a score of seven
on the scale of 1 to 10 if I was to compete in the competition of
The World's Most Realistically Sarcastic Birthday Quote Of The Year!
(huuu what a lousy name but I'm pretty sure there are worse names than this)

And then, stupidly (you'll know WHY later) I decided to repost
this tweet on my Facebook, which, if you've read one of my blog post
wayyyyy back in 2014, you'll know that I've blocked several people
(including a few relatives, no jokes) because I was utterly terrified
by HOW BUSYBODY AND DEEPLY INTERESTED they are about my personal life.
It took me almost a year to finally unblock them and let them back into my life.
 But apparently they still didn't lose their interests on me. 

Okay resume to my story.
Shortly after I posted the status on my Facebook (1 hour to be precise),
I noticed W (an unknown to represent the person) left a comment
advising me to not showcase my negative feelings on such a high profile.
I was speechless at the sight of that serious-toned comment because
Or is it only in my opinion?? Hello??
And the creepiest thing is, I noticed that W actually liked/seen that status
30 minutes after it's posted BUT only decided to leave comment 1 hour later.
What on earth is W trying to do?

A few thoughts instantly popped up in my mind at that point.
Why did W leave that comment under a status
that means no harm to anybody else except ME?
Why did W publicly commented on my status
when W COULD HAVE message me on Facebook?

I know I know. What a weird thinking I have.
That's basically how my brain works under such situations.
Now you know that. You're welcome.

Instead of confronting W,
I decided to bite the bullet and deleted that status.
I don't want to point out who W is but if you're reading this,
let us all sweep the drama under the carpet shall we?
Don't message me on Facebook to confront me. DON'T.
I wasn't angry, just literally confused by your inability
to interpret my status into something really humorous.
EVEN IF that status wasn't a joke, it's totally normal for
people to post emotional Facebook statuses!
(ESPECIALLY if that person was sick on his birthday)

Nobody has to be happy 24/7.

The intention of this blog post isn't to confront or blame anybody.
It's my realization. A realization that Facebook is the most unsafe place
for me to showcase my sarcasm or to share my feelings when I'm down.
A realization that people on Facebook react differently to a same joke
compared to the people on Twitter, whom are rather open-minded in my opinion.
(Because apparently one of my Twitter follower commented that my
tweet was one of the realest expression of sarcasm in the Y generation, lol)

Most of you who're still reading until here will probably be laughing
at how shallow my mind is, but I seriously couldn't be bothered about what others think.
This thing had been bugging me for a few days and I need to get it off my chest.
I attend marketing class. I know the importance of personal branding.
I know the danger of oversharing on Facebook. You don't need to tell me that.
 But the least thing I want is to be a pretentious person. 
I want to be an authentic person who shares whatever I like whenever I want.
I believe that there are people out there who feel whatever I feel.
I believe that there will always be someone out there that clicks on
with whatever I have to give ------ which in this case, it's my joke, lol.

I hope you guys are having a good day.
Sorry if this blog post brought you negativity,
I will come back next time with another "more positive" blog post.
See you in my next one, Zengarmy.

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