Hey Zengarmy,

I hope this thumbnail gives you nightmares! (I'm quite proud of this thumbnail,
not gonna lie. Staring at it gives me nightmares hahahaha!). I'm feeling much
better now, since my last post — I feel like the past week of my inactivity on
my social media was a much needed break for me. I basically just lied around
doing nothing. It felt really uneasy for me at the beginning (I'm a workaholic),
but it feels good to have some inner conversations with myself, and just chill.

But now I'm back! With another movie review!

It wouldn't be too much of a shocker to me if any of you guys reading this
do not even know the existence of this movie hahahah! (the promo team
for this movie should be fired!) I honestly do not think that this movie is
very well promoted, in the sense that I only knew this movie exists after
it premiered 3 days ago (which is, very unusual for a person like me who's
constantly on the search for new movies to watch-and-review). When I found
out the cast of this movie, I WAS SHOOK. How often do you see Ryan Reynolds

Let me just have my fangirl moment here.

Okay I'm done. Now resume the review.

Apparently a fair amount of people thinks this movie is shit, but I beg to differ.

I just watched this movie yesterday morning and I enjoyed every second of it!
After having a little bit of "Snapchat frenzies" — which is basically me having
a frantic moment on my Snapchat talking about how SHOOK I am after the
movie, I went on Google to check out the ratings and found out that it was
surprisingly NOT doing very well on the ratings (even Power Rangers got
higher rating than this movie, which is bizzare and puzzling. But I haven't
got the chance to watch Power Rangers yet so maybe I shouldn't judge a
book by its cover heheh!) So, I'm just warning you that this movie review
might be slightly biased because two of my faves are starred in this film!

I know this sounds a little bit weird but, as fascinated as I am by all the alien-themed
sci-fi thrillers out there, I rarely finished watching an entire movie without dozing off
halfway (as we all know alien sci-fis are notorious for all their signature dark cams,
where you can only enjoy the "voice acting" hahah!), which results in me having an
overall low impression when it comes to identifying which ending happened in which
alien sci-fi (aka I often can't tell people how many people died by the end of the film).

That struggle to stay awake tho, you feel me?

Having said that, this movie is one of the few that I'm able to concentrate throughout
the entire 1 hour and 43 minutes. I think this speaks a lot for itself? Was the plot the
most original thing I've ever seen? To be frank, I can't give you an accurate answer
since I didn't watch enough alien sci-fis to be qualified of pointing fingers, but
I can tell you that I wasn't majorly wowed by the "originality" of the storyline or
whatsoever — it wasn't something very groundbreaking, but I still enjoyed it.
The storyline is very fast-paced and a little bit too gory. No time wasted on
idiotic bound-to-die characters. No bullshit. This movie is straightforward.
And I love it even more when Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal are in it!

 Overall first impression : 8.5/10 
( an additional 0.5 marks might've been added due to my bias )

Just to quickly give you a rough inkling on what this movie is about
without spoiling too much of the plot for you, this movie is about a
team of astronauts & scientists studying a life sample of an organism
obtained from the Mars (as I've said, not very original, haha) and ended
up having a disastrous realization that the organism is far more intelligent
and physically threatening than they could've expected. What I kinda like
about this movie is that despite knowing all of the rough plot from the movie
trailer beforehand, I was actually still pretty intrigued by what's shown on the
movie screen when I was sitting in the cinema (90% probably because of the
presence of Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal, but still). However, one thing
that I think sets this movie far below all the Oscar-worthy movies is the weak
character-building element in this movie. Of course, there are scenes which
are supposed to make the audience attached to the characters in the movie
so that we will cry when they die in the end (sarcastic but true), but I don't
think it was very successfully made, apart from the last few scenes from
Jake Gyllenhaal that made me teared up a tiny bit (told you he's my fav!).

As most of you will be able to expect, it didn't take me very long into the movie
before I started squirming uneasily on my seat & covering my ears to void myself
from the vigorous sound effect, hahahaha. The progression of the plot went pretty
fast from normal to intense mode, which is FUN for me (can you smell the sarcasm
tho?)I was sitting beside a Malay lady while watching the movie and she squeaked
(yes I used the most accurate descriptive verb) AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS whenever
its necessary (lol). Overall, the movie wasn't too intense (I've watched worse) but it's
still effective enough to make me jump several times. And don't even get me started
on the ending part thooooooo (it was pretty unexpected for me, not very sure if it's
because of me being too impressionable or what). I've done a little bit of research on
what people are saying about the ending of the movie, and again, most of them said
they've already guessed the ending before the end?! I was like: bitch how you do that?

Have any of you watched the movie
and didn't think it was thatttt bad?!
Let me know in the comments below!


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