Hey Zengarmy,

It's been a week of roller coaster of emotions for me.

I lost my wallet.
Lost all my cash.
Lost my ID card.
Lost my ATM card.
I got a panic attack.
Then I fall sick.

Just my Luck.
All I can do now is blogging to vent my frustration,
and hoping for some miracles which probably wouldn't happen, to happen.

This is just so hard for me to blog about.

But I kinda wish to share my real experience with you guys,
so that you guys can be more aware when the same thing happens to you.
And if necessary,


This is a slightly different blog post than the normal. 
More like a breakdown of the last few days I've had, and the chaos it involved,
which I thought I'd share with you guys.

You know those days where NOTHING goes right
When everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong
and you end up laughing about it because you were just SO UNLUCKY

I had one of these days, 3 days ago. 
After the 24 hours were over, I was so frazzled. 
I looked just like a cartoon character that's been through hell and back. 
Bags and dark circles under the eyes, 
Hair sticking out everywhere, torn clothes & grubby feet. 
(I hope i'm painting you a pretty picture here LOL)

So here's how the story begins...

It all started on a typical Wednesday.

I had an exhausting day in school.
Bio lab practical in the first period at 8 a.m., and then Maths, Physics, Chemistry...
After the classes ended at 3 p.m., I literally felt as if my brain is so burning hot like a PC 
which had been continuously running for 8 hours!
( OMG, you know that feeling aren't you? )
So I took some fever pills,
and then I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to hang out with my friends on that night !!!
It was a hard pill for me to swallow, but no deal, I've to excuse myself from the outing :(

It was 8 p.m. approx until I felt completely alive again after 4 hours of sleep,

I must admit that I felt quite dampened cause all my friends had gone hanging out without me
I was kinda sad and lonely,
So I decided to go and have some dinner & watch some awesome movie. 
Apparently this was a REALLY BAD IDEA.
( You'll know why as I go on. )

I watched《22 Jump Street》,

which is a really funny & enlightening comedy.
I was laughing throughout the whole movie & my mood was doubtlessly lifted to sky high.

And then the bad thing happened,

when the movie was over & I was just about to leave the cinema,
I touched my pocket just to check whether my wallet is still in there,
( I always have this habit where I like to check my belongings to make sure they're always secured )

And it was gone,my wallet.

My first reaction,
 is feeling adrenaline rushing through my whole blood transport system.
And then I started murmuring to myself :
God are you fxxking kidding me ??!! 
Losing my wallet at 10:30 p.m. & I WAS ALL BY MYSELF.
No friends, no family, no classmates, no housemate.
I was all alone, doomed.

I don't know if you guys had heard of this but,

I'm a big believer of Murphy's Law,
which dictates that : "Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!!!" 

I can literally feel my heart pumping so hard as if I'm on drugs.

( Which apparently I was not, I'm just exaggerating LOL )
I immediately turned my back and run all the way back to the cinema, 
with my shaky legs constantly shaking all the way when I was running.
The feeling was so untrue as if I wasn't the one who is experiencing this incident,
as if I was just a passenger witnessing a skinny boy running hysterically to find his lost wallet.
Poor thing me haizzz.

And, of course, I found NOTHING. 

Neither on the way back to the cinema, nor in the movie hall.
( I was pretty sure that my wallet slipped out of my stupid pocket when I was standing up from my seat )
This was so depressing.
Just to be honest with you guys,
I did have some mental breakdown on the spot (commonly known as a panic attack) ,
where I was panting for breath as if I was underoxygenated,
my hands were trembling & I can't feel them, as if they were not mine anymore ( does that even make sense? )
And I cried.
In front of all the crowds.
All I want is to get back my goddamn wallet !!!
I felt kinda embarrassed but who cares?
Nobody cares.
I always thought I would be a cool-minded person when it comes to this type of circumstances.
But it seems like I have apparently overestimated myself.
I guess that's what all humans are : 
Mammals who always think they are indestructible.
But Mother Nature proves it wrong.
Nobody is lucky forever.

So I followed one of the crew back into the cinema hall where the movie was showing previously.

And it was pitch black.
I told the crew my seat number & they started searching high and low for it.
Still, nothing was found.
( I guess they don't even care huh? )
And then one of the lady with heavy eyeliner & mascara came to me
and passed me a form for me to fill up my particulars.
And I guess that's THE END.
They're just gonna stop searching.
That's it.
Irresponsible people in a big bad world.

As I were walking back to my hostel ,
I slowly regained my lost consciousness and were started able to think more logically.
Firstly, I need to accept the fact that my wallet was never gonna come back to me anymore.
Secondly, I need to call my parents so that they can cancel off my ATM card Immediately.
Thirdly, I need to make a police report regarding my lost ID card.
Fourthly, I need to borrow some money because I have got not even a single cent with me.

On the other hand, I actually felt quite thankful.
Thankfully, I didn't lost my phone as well...
It just left me feeling extremely sick. 
I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to lie down at the end of this "worst-luck-i've-ever-had" day.
 It will definitely be a day I will always remember and one that will always make me laugh.
At the time, it really wasn't funny, and anything that could have gone wrong, went wrong, but I'm home and I'm safe.

Things I have learnt over the last 3 days :

▶ Don't ever watch a movie or do anything ALONE that often. 
( Cause you'll never know when trouble finds you )

▶ Those friends who refuse to lend you money with all excuses when they heard you losing your wallet, 
Dude, you don't need these fake idiots in your life. =)

▶ When you lost your ID card, make a police report immediately !!!
( Some badass people might use your ID to impersonate you to do bad things )

▶ When you lost your ATM card / credit card, call the bank to cancel off the card immediately !!!
( Some badass people might use your card to impersonate you to withdraw your money )

I hope the above advice is useful.
Thanks for reading.

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