Hey Zengarmy,

As my blog post's title suggests, 
today I'm going to blog about my YouTube channel !!!
( which is very exciting for me to share with you guys )

When I was younger,
I used to only watch celebrities' music videos on YouTube
because I wasn't really into watching the videos made by fellow YouTubers.
But right now,
I am a YouTube-addict.
I think I can't live a day without watching YouTube videos hahahahaha

Videos that I usually watch are :
videos of song cover by YouTube singer, DIY tutorials & vlogs (video blogging) !!!
I don't exactly know why, but I find watching people vlogging very interesting.
In a weird way,
it actually feels interesting to be able to take a glimpse at someone else's daily life.

 While many people believe that videos are more easily produced 
simply because speaking is faster than typing,
I personally think that making videos is way more time-consuming than writing a blog post.
Constructing a blog post would normally cost me 1 hour,
( including photo editing & uploading & production of the main text )
whereas making a YouTube video usually cost me about 2-3 hours.

I've been making YouTube videos since last month 
& it's been a very exciting month for me. ♥
Making videos could sometimes, be, a daunting task, 
but I simply enjoy the entire process. ♥
It makes me feel very contented whenever I am finished with filming, editing, 
& finally uploading the video on YouTube.
Apart from blogging, I feel that making YouTube videos is also 
another great way for me to express myself.

For your information,
I've uploaded 4 song covers of different singers, 
& 1 vlog over the last month. ♥
Links are given below,
Feel free to click on it & have a glimpse ✌ =)

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