Hey Zengarmy,

If you look closer enough at the cover photo you might see the veins in my eyes.

Yes. Even though I'm super tired, I decided to make an effort to put up this
Christmassy blog post full of photos of myself posing in Christmas jumpers, lol.
I'm pretty sure you guys DO NOT NEED MY HELP to style your Christmas jumpers,
but as I mentioned earlier, this is my effort to post Christmassy stuffs on my blog
because I'm such a weird Christmas old man full of Christmas spirits!

Without further ado, let's get started!

Okay. I'm not going to pretend that I'm some fashionista or what.
The way I style any jumper or sweater is pretty simple (and universal)
- a button up and a jumper would make the perfect fit most of the time!
I love wearing jumper. But most of the time it looked like pyjamas on my body

because I'm just a way-too-skinny guy for my age (I am currently 19 btw).

This is how I would style my Christmas jumpers :

LOOK 1 : Classic Red

Sorry if the colour of the jumper keeps changing.
That's because the freaking light in my room changes every 3 seconds!
I had to adjust the exposure and saturation when I edit the pictures so...
I would say the red colour in the second picture is the exact same as in real life.
I can't remember where I get the red jumper from, hahah (story of my life),
but I got the white button up from Forever 21 Men.

This is the look that I'm going to wear to a party or a friend gathering
because the striking red colour is such a fun colour to wear, heheh.

LOOK 2 : Reindeer Pattern

Because of the reindeer pattern, this look is much more festive than look 1.
When it comes to patterned jumpers or shirts, you need to make sure that
you DON'T put in too much colors in your outfit or else you'll look like a
walking Christmas tree hehehehehe. (unless you're Cara Delevingne.)

Without much effort, I paired this cute reindeer patterned jumper with
my trustworthy black and white checkered button up from B.U.M.
I would definitely say that this look is hands down the most comfy one.
You can wear this to any casual occasion! (I'll wear this to sleep!)

LOOK 3 : Denim-on-fleek

This is my favorite look out of all three looks!
This look is edgy, fashionable, and effortless to put on.
The jumper is from Giordano, while the denim button up is from NHIZ.
I honestly love how the two blue tones blend in together so well!

That's basically it! 3 effortless Christmas jumper looks!
Let me know in the comments section what you think,
and I will hopefully see you in my next blog post very soon!

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