Hey Zengarmy,

Just in case you didn't know (you most probably don't know), May is the official
Mental Health Awareness Month — as you can possibly tell from the amount of
#MHA hashtags flying around on Instagram or Twitter these past few weeks haha!
As a psychology student who happened to have some blogosphere influence here,
I decided to create a series of blog posts themed around mental health awareness
here on this blog for THIS month! (not exactly sure how many posts there will be
in this series YET but you can rest assure & keep your eyes peeled for this series!)
If you have been keeping up with this blog for quite some time, you'll know that I've
written A MILLION BLOG POSTS (that's an exaggeration but yea) about my struggles
with depression & anxiety. You might notice that I haven't posted about these topics
recently — for a good reason — as I've been feeling much in control of my anxiety &
depressive thoughts (yay) lately! Having said that, it's important to acknowledge the
presence of mental health issues & get PROFESSIONAL advice not from Tumblr posts,
which is why I strongly suggest you to check out mentalhealthamerica.net/may! 🌼
Now, I'm not going to bore you with the origins of Mental Health Awareness Month
BUT if you're interested to know more about #MHA, you can click the icon below!

Anyway, today's post will be about my
personal story of battling with my own
depression but in the form of music!

I'm literally always on Spotify 24/7 so when I was gathering new blog post ideas,
I thought: "why not put together a smashin' (lol) playlist that tells my depression
journey so far — so that I can have it as my legacy in the future?" I was SO excited
by the thought of that idea and spent ALL DAY TODAY (yes I'm fucking #dedicated)
trying to put together 44 songs with lyrics that represented & symbolized different
stages of my depression at different points of time — and I think I did a great job!

Note: I strongly suggest you to listen to
this playlist at a quiet place for maximal
enjoyable listening experience hahah! This
playlist is 2 hr 38 min long, so if you're
busy right now, please come back later to
listen to the playlist. It's IMPORTANT to
make sure that you listen to the playlist
in its correct ascending order to know the
FULL COMPLETE STORY of my thoughts heheh!

So, here you go! (Major key: remember to pay attention to the lyrics!)

Here are some pointers for those of you

who stayed until the end of the post /
listened to the entire playlist because
you DESERVE IT (thank you so much!) :

SONGS #1 - #12 : HURTING

SONGS #13 - #33 : HEALING

SONGS #34 - #44 : LOVING

Stay tuned for the nest episode of the #MHA series!


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