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Okay, before anything else, I want you to go to THIS LINK

and look at the picture posted by one of my favorite bloggers
in the entire world —— Xiaxue. Or, if you're lazy enough to
NOT click on the link, you can look at this screenshot :

Errr... If you can't read the underlined words, it says :
"Why your face look like a man?? Sorry.. hehehehe.."
( Okay I'm literally laughing my stomach and intestines out now )

This blog post is kind of a documentation of my humble thoughts
on this incident, where a public figure calls out a hater in public.
Now, the moment when I first saw this post on Facebook,
I didn't feel anything other than funny. (I mean, can you not?!)
It was only when I look at the comment section then I realize
bunch of angry people are getting offended because they think
Xiaxue is cyber-bullying the hater and publicly shaming her.

I don't even know whether I'm in a position to comment on this
incident (since I'm a fan and supporter of Xiaxue all this while),
but I think both sides are wrong in this circumstances.
I tried to put myself in both Xiaxue's and the hater's shoes and
think from their perspectives. Then I realized they're both wrong.

Let's start from Xiaxue's perspective.

I've been following Xiaxue since the beginning of 2014,
and one of the reasons that I like her is because of her personality.
She is really honest with her own feelings. She dares to speak up
for herself (which isn't easy in today's world!), and she is not
afraid to admit that she underwent plastic surgeries & used
photoshop in most of her photos. Ah!! I just love her personality!

Thank you for all the advice and harsh words on the previous post. I will take your opinions to heart and improve...
Posted by Xiaxue on Thursday, January 21, 2016

And, of course, there are people who disagree with Xiaxue.
Here's what one of them commented in the comment section :

You have multiply ways to approach this situation
and yet... You chose to publicly shame her.

There's THOUSANDS of good/positive comments,

and you still chose to focus the negative ones.
Like you said, you've been blogging for 13 years.
Clapping back is not going to do any justice and you will and
still get hateful and condemning comments, unfortunately. 

But well, you don't give a shit about us who criticized at how you
handle this and you should do the same with hate/insulting comments too.
Plus, criticism =/= hate.

And here's what Xiaxue replied :

1) I choose to focus on negative ones because these people need a
life lesson and I intend to teach it. People who are positive don't need it.

2) Clapping back DOES do justice, just ask manly girl.

3) it's not about continuing to get hateful n condemning comments or not.
Just because there will always be new robbers whether or not police nab robbers,
doesn't mean they should stop catching them.

4) I don't care about hateful comments. I care about letting haters
know how it feels like when the hate is directed back at them.

Is telling a girl that she looks like a man a criticism? or hate? To me,
it sounds more like an act of trying to be cool by verbally attacking others.
One thing that I noticed about the hater community is that, they think it's
absolutely okay to verbally attack a public figure (or basically anybody who earns
a living by using fame and popularity), since a public figure's fame lies on their hands.
Once a person started hating on a celebrity, others who're immature will think
that it's-okay-to-hate-on-this-celebrity-since-other-people-are-doing-it-too.

Do public figures deserve to be treated like shit since they're
famous and must depend on the public to earn their livings?
NO! In fact, nobody deserves to be treated like shit. NOBODY!
Instead of building each other up and help making this world
a more peaceful place to stay in, people tear each other apart!
Instead of giving compliments to public figures, some people
decided to act all cool and different and leave hate comments as an
attempt to vanquish public figures' confidence and as a "sign of victory".

See how fucked up their minds have became?

Even if I saw an ugly girl online, I wouldn't leave a comment on
her selfies telling her that she looks like a man, because WHAT FOR?!
There's no point dragging each other down, because when you're
trying to ruin other people's lives, (1) their lives are only going
to get better, and (2) you didn't get to be a part of their lives.

Even if you really hate a person, saying it out loud
is only going to make yourself look like a dickhead.
That's what I've learned from my past. I'm not going to
act all saint and say that I'm a perfectly fine human being,
because the truth is, I've called out my haters on this blog
for multiple times. You can check my blog archive. Go ahead.

What I'm trying to say here is that :
If you're mean towards other people, do not expect a polite
treatment in return, because karma always has its own way.

Another thing that I utterly agree with Xiaxue is when
she said that "people love watching catfight dramas".
How true is that?! Let's say if a hater starts a hate comment,
if others didn't join in the catfight and ignored that hater,
that hater will be sibeh damn embarrassed because he/she
is the only person who's trying to be a dickhead towards a person.
The comments will flow in once there's a bicker in the comment section.
Some backing up. Some disagree. But all they're contributing to is
the stupid intention of the hater to create chaos in the first place.

Now, onto the hater's (aka "manly girl's") perspective.

What the "manly girl" did to Xiaxue is despicable,
but does she really deserve to be shamed in public?
Yes to a certain extend, and no to a certain extend.

Yes to a certain extend ?
As I mentioned in Xiaxue's perspective,
being a celebrity doesn't mean she doesn't
have her human rights to be treated kindly.

No to a certain extend ?
If I were Xiaxue, I would probably choose to
blur out the girl's username and profile picture, just to
make sure that she doesn't get harassed by my followers.
When you have millions of followers across social media,
everything you said can amplify from a raindrop to storm.
Yes, I find the picture posted by Xiaxue funny and humorous,
but not necessary every other followers of Xiaxue think so.
Some of them will find the girl's social media and harass
her (which, in the history, had drove people to suicides).

I'm sure Xiaxue doesn't have the intention to drive
the "manly girl" to depression and even suicide.
All she does is just giving the hater a taste of her own medicine.
But, given Xiaxue's influence on the internet, you can't guarantee
that this incident will be blown out in a couple of days' time.
It may go viral and be forever discussed online.
That's the thing I'm worried about the "manly girl".

All in all, these are my thoughts on the battle between Xiaxue and the hater.
The argument could've been handled better but since what's done can't be undone,
I hope that this kerfuffle will be blown out very soon & no damage will be done.
Leave your comments down below if you have anything to share with me,
and I'll see you guys in my next post, hopefully, very soon!


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