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99% of the photos in this post were taken by my talented friend
Yong Teck (ikr, almost the same name as me lol) so I'll leave his
social media links as a gesture of credits! Even though he doesn't
really post that much of his photography works on social media,
VIDEOGRAPHY! - Yong Teck's Facebook | Yong Teck's Instagram 

Hey there! Welcome back to my blog! It's only been less than a week
since I've been away from my blog, but honestly, I've already started
missing talking to my imaginary online friends, hah! Truth to be told,
last week was a whirlwind of drama, chaos & bittersweet for me. I'm
supposed to be writing this post with a very happy mood, but again,
something dramatic happened in my life 2 days ago (hint hint: it's
something to do with my psycho roommate, you can read the back-
OUT OF ME!!! I'm currently typing this post in my friend's bedroom
because I'm too afraid to go back to my own hostel, for fear that
I'll get assaulted by my psycho roommate — that's HOW TERRIFIED
I AM RIGHT NOW. I will do an update blog post on that soon, but
rest assure that I'm now under protection & have been promised
a room change asap latest by this weekend. (phew, GOD BLESS!!)

Anyways, let's move on to something more light-hearted!

Last week, I had the chance to visit Ipoh with a bunch of my friends and
had a one-night staycation at this beautiful city! It was a much anticipated
2D1N trip as we've literally planned this trip since the beginning of January
this year — and guess what? This is my first ever road trip with my friends!
Okay, I know this is an extremely embarrassing thing for a 21-year-old to
MY ENTIRE LIFE! I don't really know if I should blame it on my bad taste
in choosing high school friends or what, but I was NEVER proposed by
any of my previously close friends to have a road trip with them, lol.

Story of my life, oh well.

Also, being an extremely weird-ass nerd, I decided to bite the bullet
& finally buy a pair of contact lenses for myself! Mine is in the shade
of "natural grey" but tbh it looks pretty scary up in close inspection.
But I'm not complaining tho hahahhaha I'm 10/10 OBSESSED with my
new contact lenses! (I might write a blog post about my experience
of being a new contact-lenses-wearer hehehe I have tonnes of stories
to tell! Let me know if you would like to read a post like that hahah!)

Fortunately, the car journey to Ipoh was far less stressful than I've
expected! As I mentioned in a couple of my really old posts, I'm not
really a big fan when it comes to dealing with my motion sickness.
Not that I hate traveling, but I don't necessarily enjoy car rides that
much, as my motion sickness can turn out to be pretty traumatizing,
especially during distant car rides (okay lah maybe this explains why I
have no friends because I'm a shitty, shitty travel companion, haha!).
However, surprisingly, I did pretty well for the entire 2-hour car ride :)
 No puke bags needed + Being able to talk = Achievement of the day! 

▲ I wish this was me but I was too on-the-edge to be able
to fall asleep like my friend Ee-Ting did, hahahahahah!

Because there were 7 of us, it took us two cars to go to our first destination,
and somehow the first restaurant that we decided to go to has two freaking
branches! As unlucky as 4 of us in the same car get, we totally went to the
wrong branch & had a mini freak out when we couldn't see the other 3 of
our friends who had successfully arrived at the correct branch, hahahah!

If I were the only one in this situation, I WOULD HAVE FREAKED THE FUCK
OUT OH BELIEVE ME, but thankfully I was with a bunch of crazy-ass friends
who can somehow make rainbows out of shitty situations! I'm thankful for
that!  — We ended up having a mini photoshoot along the way to our
new destination. It was a good time filled with laughter and I've never
been happier than before with this beautiful mistake in my life, haha!

And then, after a bunch of awkward
posing, we arrived at the destination!

*lol anti-climatic mou*

After eating the famous Ipoh Taugeh Chicken at Lou Wong Restaurant,
we thought it would only be fair for us to sweeten things up with some
local Ipoh Taufu-fah (Tofu), so we went to a nearby shop that is just a
stone's throw away called Funny Mountain (i lol at that so hard hahah).

And of course the adventure didn't stop after that.
We decided to check in to the homestay hotel that
we've booked in advance to chillax a while, before
getting ready for the finale for the day — Tambun
Hot Spring Water Park! (and obviously MORE food)

The homestay hotel that we've booked is located in a condominium,
which is kinda weird, but I'm not complaining cause we got the 21th
floor! THE. VIEW. IS. SERIOUSLY. KILLING. ME! The hotel is genuinely
quite small (that's what she said) but I personally think it adds on to
the coziness of our staying experience! (I'm still dreaming about the
views tho hahahahaha I will legit put this apartment in my #goals)
Obviously I'm not going to show EVERYTHING inside the unit cause it's
weird to do that with other people's property, but nevertheless here's
a small compilation of a couple of cute shots that we've taken there.

After having some short rest & chit-chat, it's time to wet ourselves! *innuendo intended*
Being a bunch of foodies we are, we decided to go on the search for the famous (again)
peanut paste and mochi. It didn't take long for us to finally enjoy our afternoon snacks.

Next stop : Lost World of Tambun!

Even though the entrance ticket was quite overpriced (RM40 for ONLY hot spring
facilities, excluding all of the theme park facilities), we still made sure we had
a great time there (and we did)! Would I recommend going to this place? Hmm...

6/10 would recommend it. lol.

The sky was pitch black after we came out of the park and our stomachs were
growling like a pack of hungry wolves yearning for blood, so we decided to just
quickly grab something to eat (we ended up eating claypot rice and it was bomb).
Again, of course we're not going to end the night without having something sweet
in our stomachs, so we headed to the famous Ipoh Tong Sui Kai (糖水街/"Dessert
Street") to calm our sweet tooth down, haha! (PS: the dessert was quite overrated)

The night was ended with a compulsory Truth-or-Dare and midnight conversations.

The next morning started with a huge chaos. Two of our planned dim sum restaurants
were closed and our desperate, frantic search for top-notch dim sum ended up failing.
Sad case, I know. But in the end we still get to fill our stomachs with average dim sum.
With zero time to waste (we planned to be heading home in the afternoon that day)
the next and final two items to clear off from our Ipoh-Staycation-Wishlist would be:

Ipoh white coffee & caramel custard!

Mission Accomplished!

Traveling with friends is fun, provided that you're with the right ones.
I've had some rather unpleasant traveling experiences before this with
my family/relatives, so it really surprises me that this trip went semi-
well. Of course, mini bickering & arguments during trips are inevitable
— especially when deciding WHERE TO EAT or WHICH DIRECTION TO HEAD
TO — but somehow it makes everything more memorable, I don't know :P
Ipoh is honestly such a beautiful city to explore. I was particularly impressed
by the amount of wall murals/art that can be seen throughout all of the old
buildings in the city, shoutout to all the photography & aesthetic enthusiasts!

Have any of you guys been to Ipoh/
living there? What places have I missed?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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