Hey Zengarmy,

I would like to start this blog post by making a little confession :
Cinderella is my all-time-favorite Disney princess !!!
*grasping for air*

When I first saw the movie trailer of Cinderella,
I was like : yup, this is my dream come true.
Although I'm a little bit not-so-convinced by the movie cast,
( Anne Hathaway is the ideal cast for Cinderella in my opinion )
but I have faith in Disney's capability of
making real-person-film out of classic cartoon characters.

So, I watched this movie yesterday,


Magical to say the least!
Cinderella was truly magnificent.
Like the beloved fairy tale, Cinderella (Lily James) is a servant girl to her
two ugly step sisters (Sophie McShera and Holiday Granger)
and her cruel and unspeakably vile stepmother (Cate Blanchett).
However, when the king (Derek Jacobi) hosts a royal ball in order to
find a suitable wife for his son (Richard Madden),
WHO SHOULD APPEAR but that servant girl dressed in a dazzling gown and glass slippers
that were given to her by her very own fairy godmother (Helena Bonham Carter)?

From the romance to the slightly altered plot, this movie was spectacular!
The screenplay, although based off an old fairy tale,
still managed to be original and entertaining.
The characters were wonderfully developed
and the actors were able to play off of each other so well.
As for Cinderella and Prince Charming, the romance could not be more believable.
You could literally see sparks flying around the whole theater
as they meet for the first time.

The costumes were gorgeous and the music, beautiful.
Everyone who worked on this film did an amazing job.
This movie provides all the feelings of young love
through a heart wrenching, romantic, and inspiring story
of a dirty servant girl and one true Prince Charming.

I give this movie 8/10 glass slippers!


The evil stepmother actually did a pretty good job in playing her role.
There are some parts which I felt really pity for her,
& some parts which made me so mad until I wanna rip off her plastic nose.

"What's your name, mister?" "Kit. Just call me kit."
"Well, hello Mr. Kit."

"Cinder Wench!"  "Dirty Ella!"  "Cinderella!!!"

"This is my mother's old dress!"

*tearing her clothes*

You shall *NOT* go to the ball !!!
( basically my favorite line from the movie mwahahahahah )

I'm your fairy godmother !!!

"Do you have watermelons?" "No. But we do have pumpkins."
"Well, that will do."


Remember, the magic will only last until midnight.

Look at that dress !!! *flipping hair*

I must go now !!!

"Are you threatening me, lady?"  "Oh, yes I am."

Disney saw fit to precede Kenneth Branagh's live-action retelling of Cinderella
with a short film "sequel' to their animated hit, Frozen.
It's a union that works perfectly in just about every way,
because Cinderella, like Frozen, isn't really looking to reinvent the wheel.
It's there telling a sweet and inspiring princess story
full of charming princes, evil stepmothers, and magical powers.
For once, Disney has decided to forgo re-imaginings and unnecessary attempts
to soften iconic characters (hello Maleficent)
and stuck with elegant, well-told simplicity,
and the approach fits like a glass slipper.

Speaking of the actor,
I was NOT disappointed at the slightest !!!
I absolutely love how Cate Blanchett played the role of the wicked stepmother.
Cate Blanchett pretty much steals the film like any true villainess should,
but she doesn't completely overshadow Lily James' endearing performance as Cinderella. 
Innocence and warmth come off her in waves,
but also a true sense of wonder when magical forces begin working in her favor. 
Effectively charming as Prince Charming is Game of Thrones' Richard Madden,
who seems designed for exactly this kind of role,
with his big blue eyes and wide, toothy smile.

Although it's tough to get past how unexciting his character is
when compared to Chris Pine's conceited Prince in《Into the Woods》,
I still prefer the classic version of Cinderella storyline.
( Speaking of which, I was kinda disappointed with Into The Woods' MESSY STORYLINE )
I'm very glad that Disney keep the plot simple & original to the old fairy tale,
instead of creating bunch of unnecessary plot twists like those in《Into The Woods》.

If you're one of those who are looking for a bevy of musical numbers,
you'll likely be disappointed, because there're only a few musical scenes.
However in my case, I was more than happy at the lack of them.
Too many songs can be stifling,
and Cinderella has a nice flow that doesn't need to be broken up.

Speaking of the director,
Branagh has had a rough couple of years as a director lately.
He's fared better with Shakespearean efforts,
but Cinderella is the first time he's indulged us with colorful, dazzling eye candy.
This is the best-looking film Branagh has ever done,
and he seems inspired by the freedom of a world this fantastical to play around in.

Disney may have a new generation of fairy tale princesses in the making,
with Rapunzel in《Tangled》, Anna & Elsa from《Frozen》,
and even Princess Merida from Pixar's《Brave》,
but Cinderella proves that the classics
still have a story worth telling.

I had such a great time watching this movie,
and I bet the same goes to you too.
If you're a big fan of Disney movies,
( you're in the same club with me, WOOHOO )

P.S. : Don't forget to leave your comments down below
to tell me your favorite scene in the movie =)
Till next time, Zengarmy.

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