Hey Zengarmy,

I'm pretty sure by now EVERYONE had already heard of the #KimExposeTaylorParty

drama, but if you haven't yet (where've you been?)there was basically this crazy
online bickering thing going on in the social media world not too long ago between
Kim Kadarshian, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, & MANY MORE (including Selena Gomez,
Chloe Grace Moretz, Khloe Kadarshian & Ruby Rose etc.), which, if you're curious to
learn the full story, you can read the full story (I guess?) HERE, or you can read this
BLOG POST by one of my favorite blogger Xiaxue about her opinions on this drama.
(Even though I DON'T REALLY AGREE with most of her point of view on this matter!)

Anyways, the main focus of this blog post is NOT to describe to you the details of
the drama (I'm VERY SURE most gossip websites had already covered that for us).
I'm not going to pick sides here because this drama is basically another good old
classic "he-said-she-said" story, where both parties (Taylor & Kim) have their own
reasons of why they are the victim. If you ask me who's the winner in this drama?

I would say BOTH.

You see, when two celebrities are having an online cat fight, more people join the

conversation — the hashtag of #KimExposeTaylorParty alone got more than a million
retweets in less than 24 hours! When I first heard about this drama, I was extremely
puzzled & confused by it. I can't fathom why is this offensive-lyrics-drama a big deal!

Don't get me wrong. I ain't no saint. I love celebrity drama. Who doesn't love it?
But the reason behind this drama is rather pointless & trivial in my opinion.
All those people who said they're disappointed in Taylor Swift because
she's trying to fake her innocent persona are making me clueless.

Do you seriously think that everyone in the entertainment industry
does NOT fake their public persona? Come on, please grow up kids.
For me I would rather focus on the music Taylor produces, rather
than focusing on whether she is doing all the charity work to make
herself look good in the public eye. Even if all these efforts are for
her public image, WELL, at LEAST she did put in the effort hahaha!

And apparently this drama has benefited BOTH parties. Everybody wins.
Yes I know what you're thinking. Taylor Swift does seem to be disadvantaged,
but if you really sit down & think about the massive amount of publicity Taylor
gets from this drama, all she loses are the fake fans & all she gains is the publicity!
I might sound a little bit biased because I'm quite a fan of Taylor Swift, but isn't this
the truth? On the other hand, Kim Kadarshian gained a lot more Snapchat followers
since she posted the "evidence" on her Snapchat (hahah!) so it's definitely a win-win
situation here. As for Kanye? Well his notorious song "Famous" gained more attention
I guess? ( Fun fact : I only watched the music video after this drama was blown up. )

I guess all of these are just marketing gimmicks.

Yes. Always listen to both sides of the story before deciding who is at fault.
Do I think Taylor Swift is at fault? YES. She clearly forgotten this whole lyric-
approving-conversation with Kanye West & decided to publicly throw shades
at Kanye West for insulting her by calling her "that bitch" in his lyrics during
an award ceremony. Do I think Kim Kadarshian is at fault? YES. Apparently
Kanye West ONLY partially informed Taylor Swift about the lyrics & skipped
the "that bitch" part, so technically this video is not evident enough to put
Taylor to her death sentence. Who is the liar in this situation? Both of them.

I can still go on and on and on and on on this topic.
But we all know it's a never-ending loophole.
Basically neither of them is innocent.

When the whole drama broke out, Chloe Grace Moretz
(you might remember her from The 5th Wave or Neighbors 2)
was among the few brave ones (along with Selena Gomez) to comment
on this drama & attack Kim Kadarshian for bashing others to gain attention.
Unfortunately, the sassy Khloe Kadarshian decided to attack Chloe by tweeting
THIS PICTURE, which was then explained by THIS PICTURE tweeted by Chloe.

I actually feel disgusted by Khloe Kadarshian's WAY of avenging.
If she had the GUTS, why didn't she go and attack Selena Gomez
(which, let's be honest, is one of the most-followed celebrities)
instead of Chloe Grace Moretz who has a considerably smaller
following than Selena Gomez & is merely at the age of 19.

Sometimes, it's best to stay silence or in the middle ground.

This one resonates with me the most.
Zendaya, who was formerly in the "Taylor Swift Squad",
(you might remember her from Taylor's Bad Blood music video)
apparently turned her back against Taylor while she was under attack.

In this picture you can clearly see that she liked these two tweets
(which was quickly unliked but managed to be screenshoted by someone)
while not posting her own message. This type of friends are seriously
THE WORST! I can only imagine how Taylor Swift will feel when she saw
this picture. If it wasn't because of Taylor Swift's music video I wouldn't
even know who Zendaya is, but now she's turning her back against Taylor.

Wow. Just wow. Deep water runs still.

This one goes without saying.
Always record what your enemy said!
*rushing out of bed to buy voice recording pen*

I hope you enjoyed reading this short write up
because I certainly enjoyed writing this hahah!

That's all for today!

I'll see you in my next one!


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