Hey Zengarmy,

Remember when I blatantly said in my Train To Busan movie review
that I'm not a hardcore fan of "K-everything"? Well, I'm now converted!
Last week was a whirlwind (or should I say EXPLOSION) of "K-everything"
in my world. I started listening to K-pop songs again (more on that later)
& had just finished rewatching a K-drama that I've once watched in 2012
using merely 2 days of time (FYI the drama is 16-one-hour-episodes-long).

I'm now completely sucked into the black hole of "K-everything". Completely!
I might do another crazier fan-girly blog post about my thoughts after watching
the k-drama but I thought it would be better if I calm my shit down first hahaha.

Let's talk about what songs I've been
listening to last week. (PS: they're ALL
Korean songs so if you're not a fan you
might want to give this post a skip hehe)

When I'm not listening to Korean songs, I don't listen to ANY of them.
But when I'm listening to Korean songs, I go ALL OUT, FAR AND BEYOND.

Gong Yoo (공유) - Because It's You (너라서)

FYI, I used to NOT listen to that many K-drama OST because I thought
"what is the point of listening to a song in a language that I don't know?"
So yea, I was totally stupid back then, hahahahah! This song is a cover
by Gong Yoo, the male lead of the K-drama "Big" (which is the K-drama
I was mentioning about earlier in this post). I've been replaying this song
along with the other OST non-stop 24/7. Even though his expertise is not
in the singing department, he sounded just as heartfelt as the original
singer Davichi, who sang the original version of this song for the OST.

Davichi (다비치) - Because It's You (너라서)

Another tearjerker OST from the K-drama OMG :'(
You can read the full review for "Big" HERE if you want.
I found this review by The Fan Girl Verdict after finished
watching the K-drama and thought the review was quite
accurate for most of the part! It's not the best K-drama
I've ever watched (because of the sloppy ending) but I
watched the K-drama with Gong Yoo in mind so I'm fine
as long as he shows up in all of the episodes heheheh!

Huh Gak (허각) - One Person (한사람)

Last OST I'm recommending from this K-drama. It's also a tearjerker.

BLACKPINK - Whistle (휘파람)

If you haven't heard of BLACKPINK yet, you are seriously missing out!
Different from the usual style of Korean girl groups, BLACKPINK belongs
more to the edgy side instead of the I'm-cute-and-I-wear-mini-skirt side.
Just a pre-warning, their songs are quite addictive once you're into them.

BLACKPINK - Boombayah (붐바야)

The only comment I'm giving ON this song is that the rapping girl IS QUEEN!!
I wasn't quite into this song at the first listen because it sounded TOO NOISY
to me. But as I listened to it for a few more times, it now grows in my brain!

That's all for this issue's Music Mondayz!
Stay tuned for the next issue for more song suggestions!

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