Hey Zengarmy,

Okay, first thing first,
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how GOOD this movie isssss ???!!!
If you're one of my loyal blog reader,
you'll more or less notice that movie review is one of my blog post routine,

( calm down, Zeng Teck. CALM DOWN !!! )

I saw the trailer of this movie since last year,
only to find out that it'll only be released in Malaysia in February 2015 :(
( Malaysia timing, you know ✖✖✖ )
and I was like : I'M SO GONNA WATCH THIS MOVIE OMG !!!
Watching the trailer aroused my interest to watch this movie,
since I'm a fan of spy movies especially the 007 movies,
and after waiting for a whole long year (literally),

 The movie is about a young teenager from London named "Eggsy"
who is chosen by a professional agent from a super secret organisation
who call themselves the "Kingsmen" to go through the deadliest "job interview"
to be the next Kingsman spy.

W A R N I N G  :  P I C T U R E   O V E R L O A D .

"Look into the mirror, what do you see?"
"I see a guy who wants to know what the f**king hell is going on."
"NOPE. I see a potential young man."

I'll probably give this movie an 8 out of 10 marks !!!
( P.S. : This movie gets 8.3/10 on IMDb, which is insane )

To be honest,
I wasn't expecting too much from this movie before I get to watch it,
( the reason behind this is probably the disappointing《Jupiter Ascending》, duh. )
But the movie turns out TOTALLY MIND BLOWING
& EXTRAORDINARY to me !!! 
I'm very impressed by how smooth-flowing the plot is, from the beginning till the end,
and I'll proudly recommend this movie to everybody I met in my life hahahaha
( I'm typing so fast right now out of pure excitement )
The movie is appropriately fast-paced and there's a lot of comedy.
I would say that it's sort of like the combination of 007 + Men in Black. 
The movie obviously parodies the old traditional 007 formula,
(especially of the Roger Moore era) but this is done in a good way. 
《Kingsman : The Secret Service》reminded me how great the old 007 formula was
until it was changed to Daniel Craig's portrayal of the agent.
After watching this movie, Daniel Craig better watch out,
because there is a new agent on the block and that is "Eggsy'.

I have to give a big applause to all the casting in this movie.
S I M P L Y   B R A V O  ! ! !
Colin Firth plays his role very well of course,
this guy can pretty much play all kinds of roles under the world !!!

I personally think that the director of this movie, Matthew Vaughn,
is VERY good at controlling the tempo & phase of the movie.
You can feel the tension building up inside your body as the movie is playing,
and the violent scenes are cleverly neutralized by the high-spirited background music.
I'm very impressed by how creative & artsy the director is.

OMG, look at his dashing face !!! I'm going to faint (right now)

A word to the wise, though, this film is not for the easily offended or the squeamish.
It is a comedy but a very, very violent kind of comedy.
And the language alone will shock the "MPAA" out of their pants.
Watch this if you're into films like 'Lock, Stock', 'Kick-Ass', or 'In Bruges'
and you'll probably love it - 
don't bother if you're more into serious films or family-friendly comedies.
As for me, I had a (bloody) good time.

That being said in my very own opinion ,
《Kingsman : The Secret Service》
is the best movie of 2015 so far.
Don't miss it !!!

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