P O R T F O L I O .

Being known as an enthusiast of all things aesthetic (aka hipster, pretentious,
or however you want to interpret it), Zeng Teck has been best known as the
go-to person when his friends needed a quick boost on their social media for
some aesthetic touch — yeap, I can't believe I actually started my portfolio
introduction with this sanctimonious opening, but here you are right now!

I take great pride in the contents that I've put on my Instagram account over
the years. They are not the most incredible or high quality images out there,
but I'm very happy with them because I've managed to curate my Instagram
aesthetics without using any big-ass professional camera (just my Samsung
smartphone and a couple of filter apps). I personally believe this speaks
more to itself, as many of my followers thought that I had been creating
aesthetic contents using expensive instruments — when in fact I did not!

Here's a glimpse of my recent content!

I have recently designed event posters and tickets (all by myself) for the annual
prom that is organized by the Department of Psychology under Sunway University.
It was my first time ever to design posters and tickets for any events, but I'm very
proud of my products! Here are a few designs that I've made for the annual prom:

▲ Official poster that I've designed for the event.
▲ 3 different ticket designs by me.

As of recent, I've also designed cover arts for my EP — and here are the designs!

I love spending time on Pinterest and Tumblr searching for inspirations,
and then actually putting all of my creative visions into producing solid
products — it just makes me feel so accomplished! With my academic
knowledge in psychology, I've definitely learned a trick or two in keeping
myself motivated in times of desperation (we've all been in that twilight
zone of sleep deprivation). With all that being said, I'm fully aware that I
still have a lot of room for improvement, and I'm down to learn new things
and gain new experiences! This entire page kind of serves as an open letter
to my future potential employer/ collaborative partner that even though I
swear a lot in my blog posts (because I hold firm belief in any authentic
expression of feelings), I'm not somebody who is constantly on his high
horse & refusing to get down. Thanks for spending the time to read this!



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