Hey Zengarmy,

On this Valentine’s Day, 
I offer a number of reasons 
to embrace your single status.

Okay, where should I start first ?
So, not too long ago (to be accurate, it's about 3 weeks ago),
I had a conversation with one of my most intelligent friend, .
We chatted quite a lot about gender equality & human rights,
which brings to the production of this blog post.

I remember that she asked : 
" what's your opinion on marriage ? "

And I was like : " errrrrrrrrrrrr ... "
( Wasn't really quite expecting that don't I ? )

And guess what my answer is ?
I said : " Nah, I don't really like marriage, I prefer relationships. "
Don't know what makes me said this, maybe human instinct ?
L O L .

I don't know.
Part of me thinks that people get married for the sake of marriage.
( wait, does that even make sense to you guys ? )
Like, people get married because the public wants to see it,
because the moms, dads, cousins, grandpas, grandmas & all the relatives wanna see it.
It's like you're putting on a show for everyone else in the world to see it.
And when couples get married, all problems will slowly surface,
either financial problems or sentimental problems.
I am not really into this kind of concept.
In fact, I was quite traumatized.
What if the marriage doesn't last long ?
People sure got a lot of things to say behind your back.

That's probably my definition of marriage.

Too often,
people gets freaked out when they heard a teenager said :
" I don't have the plan of getting married because I DISLIKE IT. "
It's already 2015, please update yourself lah. Come on.
People DON'T HAVE TO get married to be blissful.
( at least for me, this is totally acceptable )

I don't mind to be forever alone, at all.
Because I GENUINELY love being alone all the time.
The freedom, the care-free-ness, the simplicity.
I T ' S   A M A Z I N G  ! ! !

Different people will have different expectations towards marriage.
Some people might think that they need to get married for the sake of
 proving that they're successful in their lives ;
 showcasing their capabilities of flirting with the opposite sex ;
 not to disappoint their parents ;
 finding mating / sexual partners ;
 finding a financial support ;
OR, to find a soul mate.

Well, the last one is definitely
more appeal to me.

I find it DISGUSTING when people thinks that :
dating a boyfriend / girlfriend is like winning a trophy.
That's just ... EWWW HELL NO !!!
I find it funny when those lovebirds always laughed at the single people,
just because they think that :
" Only they CAN celebrate Valentine's Day while the single people CANNOT ".

O k a y .  G u e s s   W h a t  ?

 A C C O R D I N G   T O   S C I E N T I F I C   R E S E A R C H ,

Single people are generally more sociable THAN the lovebirds.
Single people have more economical potential THAN the lovebirds.
Most people want to be around single people THAN the lovebirds.
Single people get much needed alone time THAN the lovebirds.
Single people have more partner options THAN the lovebirds.
Single people spend less money THAN the lovebirds.
Single people has more freedom THAN the lovebirds.

W H O   W I N S   H U H  ?

DON'T Believe Me ? Click Here To Read The Report.

Even though I'm quite traumatized by the thoughts of getting married,

I can totally relate to those people who feel like they needed life-long-companionship.
Below are few of the moments when I felt most blissful & loved.

 Moments when I felt most blissful : 

Morning texts. Definitely. Wins it all.
Extremely incredible, waking up to morning text, I felt happy.
Incredible, absolutely incredible.

Quiet moments.
She read a book, he played computer games.
Had home-cooked meals.
No conversations needed, just simply enjoyed the companionship.
Just simply enjoyed the existence of each other.
Sometimes, putting on a movie and getting mind blown together.

The moment when I felt most loved...
When she was happy, he was so happy because she was happy.
At least he thought she was, ...or maybe not, hahaha.

Very simple...
The simplest thing in life contributes to love.


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