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Now, before I start, this post is going to be divided into 2 parts :

the non-movie-spoiler part & the movie-spoiler part. So, if you're
reading this with the fear that it might contain movie spoilers, I'll
indicate you where to click away from this post when it comes to
the movie-spoiler part. I got your back, buddy, no hard feelings.

(Also, I just started trying this GIF maker thing & I'm obsessed!)

Okay, to be honest, I'm not even a hardcore fan of "K-everything",
but this movie got me so FUCKED UPThis is hands down my new
favorite movie! Considering this statement coming from a movie
lover like me, you can rest assure that this movie is THAT GOOD.

Due to the fact that my hostel is literally just beside a cinema (10-min walk),
I always tried to be selective when it comes to choosing which newly released
movies to watch, so that I don't accidentally spent away all of my allowance.
So, when this movie popped up in the this-week's-new section, I wasn't really
intrigued by it, at all. I mean, you can't blame me, the title of the movie itself
is highly susceptible to be an average movie, hahah! All that said, upon hearing
all the overwhelmingly positive reviews on this movie, I decided to give it a go.

And oh my oh my, I'm so glad I did.
I watched the movie today and I love
it to the bones. It's one of the movies
you wouldn't want to miss out in 2016!
I basically couldn't peel my eyes off the
movie screen because it is THAT GOOD!

If you're a thrill lover, you NEED to watch
this movie because it'll keep you on the
edge of your seat for the entire time!

[ 9 out of 10 for Train To Busan! ]

Train To Busan is essentially a Korean zombie thriller movie that, in my opinion,
resembles a hybrid between Walking Dead and World War Z, whilst starring bunch
of amazing South Korean actors in it. Making its debut in July 2016 in South Korea,
this movie quickly blew up to be one the most discussed zombie movie in the nation,
making its way to garner multiple international awards alongside with 80.2 million USD
of box office. I don't really know what happened to Malaysia, but this movie just hit the
cinema very recently, after two months since the premiere of this movie in South Korea.

#MalaysiaBoleh #NoShadeAtAll

Let's talk about why I love this movie so much.

I've watched enough amount of Hollywood zombie-themed movies before
to know that the ending is always either going to be (a) everybody dies,
OR (b) the main characters die along the way but only the major main
character survived in the end (does that ring a bell? I hope so, haha)

However, this movie has several plot twists in it, which easily makes it
more captivating & interesting than the average canned Hollywood plot.
Furthermore, the actors' acting impresses the FUCK out of me, especially
the kid actor Kim Soo-an. I was totally expecting a mediocre performance
from the little girl but she totally KILLED IT. I guess we are so used to seeing all
the Hollywood white kids acting that we forgot how GOOD Asian kid actors can be.

I've watched Gong Yoo from a few of his previous K-drama but I've
never seen him acting on a big screen before, and dang I forgot how
much I love his acting until I watched this movie. He is sooooo HOT!!
I did some research. He's possibly single. Ladies, GET IN FORMATION!!

AND also (I used damn lot of also), let's not forget to mention the rest of the cast!
Because the setting of the story is inside of a train, the director had the chance to
focus on every single one of them and engage the audiences with the characters,
which makes ALL OF THEM the main characters whom we can all empathize with.

In terms of cinematic experience, this movie is not that impressive to me.
Certain scenes in this movie makes me feel like I'm watching a TV series
instead of a real movie, but it's not really that much of a big deal haha!

Speaking of that, another thing I must give praise for this movie is its PHASE!
It's neither too slow to make us feel bored nor too fast to make us feel dizzy,
and I love that the director didn't really spend too much time on explaining
every details of the zombie apocalypse, because in all honesty, we don't
really need to know if chemical XX creates zombies! #解释来龙去脉真的很烦

The director knows very well that what all the audiences are looking for in
these zombie-themed movies is the essence of humanity, aka how humans
are going to change when survival becomes priority. And I think the director
really did a good job in capturing the essence of humanity, even though, let's
It's either the Samaritans who ended up dying because of busy rescuing other
people, OR the I'm-Rich-And-I-Don't-Have-To-Die people who would willingly
sacrifice anybody to stay alive (which is probably me, minus the rich part).

Now, for those who don't want any
movie spoilers, HOLD UP AND STOP

I'm quite glad that the main character Seok Woo (played by Gong Yoo)
is portrayed in the beginning of the movie as a self-centered person,
instead of the usual Samaritan-Who-Loves-To-Help-Others, which is
very prevalent in the usual Hollywood zombie movies. I really really
enjoyed watching his character transitioning from a selfish person to
a person who is willing to die for other strangers (yes he ended up

This is my FAVORITE scene from the movie,
which is extremely sad & heart-breaking :'(

I was TOTALLY expecting Seok Woo (the main character who was SUPPOSED to live)
to survive till the end, but he ended up being bitten by the ugly fat uncle zombie
(I don't even remember his name hahah) and I WAS LIKE HOW DARE YOU??!! WTF?!

▲ The ugly fat uncle zombie I was talking about, before he turned into a zombie in the end.

Seeing all these pictures again makes me sad. How could he die?! :'(
Anyway, this blog post is getting WAYYY longer than it should be because
I keep on adding more and more pictures to it hahah! I should probably stop
here before this turns into a pictorial novel! All in all, I'd highly recommend
this movie to EVERYBODY because there's a little bit of everything in this movie
— emotional scene, thriller scene, fighting scene, laughing scene, except for
sex scene (okay wait, maybe I was wrong), but it's still a very recommendable
movie for a weekend date with friends! Comment down below your thoughts
on this movie if you've watched it, I'M DYING TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!

As per usual, I will see you in my
next post (hopefully) very soon!


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  1. im still crying minutes after watching the movie


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