Hey Zengarmy,

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. 
I was overwhelmed. 
I will admit, getting lots of Birthday messages is quite satisfying 
(in a possibly quite selfish way heheheh) 
but it is the one day of the year that is supposedly "all about you". 
Although I do share my Birthday with Sam Bailey, but I think I can cope with that.

I had a boring & not-so-fabulous Birthday, 
which sort of took place over the whole weekend as well as my actual day of birth. 
Why "not-so-fabulous" ?
Because today is my first day of AS exam. ( SAD I know )
And over the whole weekend before my Birthday,
I had to revise for my exam.
( which is clearly not so enjoyable LOL )

On my actual Birthday (today) I had quite a tensed morning, 
I had to sit for my Mathematics paper.
But thankfully the paper is not so scary.
( fingers-crossed that everything will be OK hahaha )

Then after returning to my hostel,
I decided to chill a little bit,
just opening cards and pressies.
Then I realized that all of the presents I received,
Kitkats, Beryl's ......
I guess that's an indication from my friends,
that I'm a chocolate-lover-wannabe mwahahahaha.

I had a great time catching up with my old friend online,
I replied to some Birthday messages on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter,

 My Facebook : www.facebook.com/MrGagaguilera
 My Instagram : www.instagram.com/zengteck
 My Twitter : www.twitter.com/zengteck
 My YouTube channel : www.youtube.com/MrGagaguilera

then like the old man I had turned into, I had a nap due to the late night before, 
but also, who wants to go out with giant bags/dark circles underneath their eyes? 

In the evening, things finally get a little bit exciting.
Some of my friends came over and we then all headed out to Nando's in Sunway Pyramid.
They are literally the most cheerful bunch of people in my life hahah,
( Yeong, Min, Kiar, Guan, Bo, Tan, Ying, and Wong )
they even tried to sing me a Birthday song in public but I stopped them immediately.
I wasn't quite sure why I did that hahaha,
maybe I just don't want to be on high profile.
I enjoyed myself immensely though. Lot's of laughter and good times had by all. 
After that we decided to have some McDonald's ice cream.
And that's it. We done nothing else.

I'm actually quite happy that I've always kept a low profile on my Birthday.
I don't want anything BIG for my Birthday.
I don't particularly know why is it I have this mentality but...
Birthday parties are no-no for me. 
The "If I just had X, I would be happy" syndrome is a mass delusion. 
When you look for happiness in more objects, they are never enough.
Look around. Look within.

All in all, A fabulous evening and a boring 18th Birthday.

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