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If you're one of my blog readers, 
then you'll definitely know that : I blog about random stuffs,
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Today, as the title suggests, 
I am going to blog about "  ". 

Some of you might be wondering :
" Why the hell do you wanna blog about  ? "
Well, it's actually because of a song.
Here's part of the lyrics that I found,
It's so beautiful that I wanted to share with you guys :)

" Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one. "

~ "Imagine" by John Lennon ~

Recently, there's too much of grief, sorrow and heartache everywhere.
It's really disheartening to see how humanity is fading
at some parts of this world and we just can't help at all.
Someday, someday this world will be filled with peace, 

Let me start off this blog post by asking you a simple question :

" What is love? "

While some of you might be scratching your head for definition,
The answer is actually simple. 
The simple answer : " LOVE IS EASY. "
It all starts with self confidence.

Self confidence is a journey.
We're all gonna take different paths, 
but ultimately, we are all on the same road,
And we are doing this together :)

Self confidence comes from within.
When you feel confident in who you are,
you'll learn how to love YOURSELF,
then your family, your friends, your partner,
and eventually all of the people around the world.
( the last sentence sounds kinda creepy but it's actually wonderful! )
If there's only love in the world, THERE WILL BE NO WAR.

There are no right or wrong ways to build self confidence.
Everyone is on a different path.
The tips I'm giving you is universal,
it's gonna help to "jump-start" your journey.


Tip #1

Remember, confidence is like a mental muscle.
Like muscles, everyone is born with it, but not everyone flexes it.
And if you want your muscles to grow stronger,
So here are my "exercising" tips :

Think positive thoughts, 
especially during moments when you're feeling down.
Take a deep breath, and remind yourself that LIFE IS TOO SHORT, 
and you're gonna make the best of it.

Listen to music that will lift your mood.
A good beat and sound has been proven to help people in a positive way.

Tip #2

Find your qualities.
Avoid focusing on the negative. ( which I know could be really hard )
Focus on the positive.

No one is perfect in everything,
And we are all made perfectly imperfect.
If you don't think you have a quality,
just ask yourself this simple question : 
" What am I good at ? "
Everyone is good at something,
and if you don't know where it is,
well, take this opportunity to find it.
Pick up on a passion, and nurture it,
because this helps to build self aware.

Tip #3

Have a buddy system.
The journey of building self confidence is not a lonely road.
Essentially, everyone is on the same journey.
Find someone that you can trust, that you can share your insecurities with.
It feels good to bend it out and let it off your chest.
And if you feel like you don't have anyone to talk to,
I mean, that's kind of a beauty of digital world.
You can find a support group : 
Where you can be yourself, 
and share your feelings & insecurities without being judged.
And the best part : you can remain anonymous.

I know it's tough,
but you have to stop obsessing with the CANNOTs ,
and start focusing on the WHAT-CAN-I-DOs .

Tip #4

Pass your wisdom and gifts onto others.
Teaching, mentoring, and caring for others
is the greatest gift you can give to others & yourself.
Not only will the other person feel better,
but you will too.

You know what ?
This journey is not gonna be easy.
There will be times when you're gonna wanna give up, and feel lost, 
thinking that you can't continue to walk on this journey.
And you have to remind yourself that :
If you want to build self confidence, you have to stay positive.
That's the key.

Be like a proton and stay positive. 

A positive mind will open more doors.
Don't just lead yourself to one path,
take as many as you need,
until you reach your destination.
And once you've found your confidence, enjoy it, savour it.
When you're feeling down, bring that feeling back into your mind.
And remind yourself that, this is a attitude you owned & controlled.

You are all perfectly imperfect.
In the end of the day, this is what makes you special.

Oh, by the way,
I've made a song cover of " Love Is Easy " by McFly.
It's now on YouTube mwahahaha !!!

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