Hey Zengarmy,

Have you ever wonder why some people look so flawless in their selfies ?

Picture day can be stressful ! 
Whether it's as simple as taking a selfie to upload onto Instagram,
or as important as taking a professional photo shoot for a job interview,
So, in today's special blog post,
in order to help you look your best for the occasion (and for years to come!), 
I’ve put together some tips to consider before the big day arrives.

Even if your picture day has passed, 
these are good for any formal/ informal photo opp, so take note. :)

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DO :

1. Get PLENTY of sleep : 

We probably can all use a few more Zzz’s, 
but make it a point to get to bed a little early before picture day. 
If possible, sleep for at least 8 hours so you can account for
any excitement/nerves that might keep you awake. 
Try to stay away from your phone, computer or any other electronic devices,
because bright lights are said to trick your brain into higher levels of activity. 
You really want to give yourself time to wind down and properly relax, 
so minimize nighttime distractions!

2. Drink lots of H2O : 

This one goes without question. 
You should be drinking about 8 glasses of water on a daily basis, 
but if you haven’t maintained good hydration, it’s never too late to start! 
Adequate amounts of H20 can brighten your complexion and give your skin that healthy, youthful glow. 
So skip the soda and grab a water instead!

3. Be ready for damage control : 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, 
so make sure to account for damage control should you wake up with puffy eyes, 
wild/greasy hair, or that untimely blemish. 
Keeping two clean spoons in the freezer overnight & cover them nicely onto your eye area in the morning, 
will help to get rid of sleepy morning eyes, 
and a baby powder or dry shampoo will absorb greases. 
As for that nasty pimple, try applying a moist tea bag as "emergency" mask,
just pat the moist tea bag onto your whole face, concentrating on your pimples,
and don’t irritate the area by touching it too much.


1. Eat foods that are high in sodium :

You should always try to include lots of face friendly foods in your diet, 
but make sure to stay away from really salty foods the night before picture day. 
Anything like chips, Ramen, French fries, bottled sauces/dressing etc. ,
will make your face look bloated the next day because of water retention … not good!

2. Pluck your eyebrows : 

Try not to tidy up your brows with tweezers the night before, 
because the area around your eyes might still be red when you wake up, 
depending on how sensitive your skin is. 
This is the same for waxing/threading. If you need to correct your brows, 
use your pencil/brush the next morning.

3. Be nervous! : 

Stress and nerves will not only keep you tossing and turning throughout the night, 
but can also lead to hormonal changes that affect your skin in a negative way. 
Although stress-induced skincare problems aren’t necessarily immediate, 
we’re talking about prevention here! 
Be as positive and prepared as possible, and your photos will turn out great.
If all else fails, just be sure to smile. A happy girl is a beautiful girl!

Do you have any tips to consider before picture day? 
Share your thoughts/experiences in the comments below!

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